The Stanley Cup is the social media trending reusable cup that people just can’t get enough of. What makes these cups so desirable, and why are they so damn expensive? Well, Stanley’s are not just your typical reusable cup — they are designed to fit in your car cup holder just right, there’s a handle for you to conveniently hold on to, and they’re made in just about every color under the sun. These cups also arguably and most importantly, keep your beverage cold for up to 11 hours, hot for up to seven hours, and, apparently, iced for up to two whole days. As soon as the Stanley Cup hit the market, it became the hottest commodity around town.

But are these cups really worth, drum roll please…$45? After carefully evaluating the different features and aspects of the cup throughout this Stanley Cup guide, together we can decide whether it’s worth the price or not. We’re already starting strong when looking at some of the explicit details of the cup and its well-loved functions. 

Keeps beverages cold/hot for a long time

When deciding when to purchase a reusable cup, often the first and most important thing we assess is whether the cup will keep our beverage hot or cold for a long time. One of the best parts about using a reusable cup, specifically the Stanley Quencher, is it usually maintains our drinks’ temperatures for a while, in contrast to using a disposable cup, or even some other types of reusable cups that are not insulated. The Stanley has double-wall vacuum insulation (sounds fancy, huh?), meaning it is ensured to maintain your drink’s temperature for a while. TikTok user Danielle Lettering (@danimarielettering) recently posted a video where her car was exposed to a fire and was completely damaged, yet the Stanley Cup that was in the car was still standing strong after the fire hit the car, and not only was it standing practically untouched, but the ice was still in there!

This video was astonishing to people all around the world, and definitely inspired people to indulge in buying a cup from Stanley. This video is living proof that this cup will keep your drink’s temperature maintained, even through a disaster like a fire. If this video doesn’t persuade you to get a Stanley, I don’t know what will.

Great Customer Service 

Now, you might be thinking, yeah yeah, all companies these days have fine customer service, but I’m here to tell you that Stanley’s service is like no other. Under the “Details & Specifications” section of a Stanley product, it states, “Our products do what we say they do or we replace them. We guarantee it.”

In response to the video mentioned above, the president of Stanley posted a video offering that person not only some more Stanley Cups but a brand-new vehicle.

You read that right — they wanted to replace her car, and from that moment on, the brand had America’s hearts. One user commented, “Stanley is the goat for this,” and another said, “Buying a pink Stanley now 10000%.” People were going crazy after this situation and stocked up on the reusable cups due to the way the company handled the situation. Customer service can make or break a company, you read it here first!

Car cup holder compatible 

Now for the breakdown of the cup itself. The 40-ounce cup is designed to fit perfectly in any standard cup holder, which is a huge reason why the cup gained so much popularity to begin with. 

TikTok user @philly_hood, demonstrates this in a video after being asked if it fits in a car cup holder. “Perfect fit,” she said in the video, “and it doesn’t get in the way when you’re driving either.”

Many other reusable cup brands like Hydroflask and Nalgene do not produce cups that fit in a cup holder, which can be a pain oftentimes. Since the Stanley Cup fits in cup holders, you can truly bring your cup anywhere on the go. This feature alone has given the Stanley Cup so much popularity. 

Comfort-grip handle

Another major feature of the Stanley Cup is its easy-to-grab handle. This makes carrying the cup around much easier, and looks cool, too. Carrying around a heavy cup is never fun, but the ease of having a handle makes it much more bearable.


In today’s day and age, sustainability has become super important and something that we are all working on collectively to keep our environment healthy and clean. Having a reusable water bottle is a perfect place to start when thinking about your plastic usage, but using a Stanley is even better. The Stanley Cup is composed of recycled stainless steel and other sustainable features. To me, this is yet another amazing reason why this cup is more expensive than others, and I think that makes it worth it. Environmentally friendly anything these days is important and something we should all consider when purchasing new goodies. 

Colors and sizes

For more fun features of the cup, it comes in 20 colors — some being Rose Quartz, Pool, and Tigerlily to name a few — and five different sizes. This creates lots of variety and you can choose whatever would suit you best. The holiday limited-edition colors, like Rosewood Glow, Alpine, and Balsam Glow, are fan favorites so far and they’re selling out fast. The TikTok viral cup is the 40-ounce size, but the other sizes are still worth it and offer different pros and cons. 

Dishwasher safe

Lastly, did you know the Stanley Cup is dishwasher safe? Hearing that a reusable cup is safe to pop in the dishwasher is a luxurious feature and after having a Stanley, I don’t think I could ever go back to a water bottle that isn’t dishwasher safe, it makes all the difference (please make sure to clean your Stanley Cups). This fact alone makes or breaks whether I buy a certain cup or not, as it makes the cleaning process much easier.

I guarantee you won’t regret buying this water bottle, and all of these features make for why the cup is much pricier than others. Do you agree that this cup is worth the hype, and the price?