Best friends are hard to come by. Priorities change, people move on, and we sometimes forget about the experiences that make us who we are. Make sure to hold onto the loyal ones. The who stick by your side through thick and thin. Personally, all of my friendships have one thing in common: my best friends and I love food. So I compiled this list to prove once and for all why a foodie BFF is the best BFF. These are my top ten reasons why. 

1. They love spending quality time with you.

grass, cake
Anna Yang

Your foodie friend is always down to watch Chick-flicks and eat ice cream straight out of the tub. They always cook you really good brunch and sometimes you guys make cute D.I.Y food themed gifts for each other. And best of all, you can always hang out together and stream Tasty Videos for hours. All in all, your foodie friend will make sure you are well-fed and are not bored to death. 

2. They make you feel better when you spend too much money.

Anna Yang

You’re a broke college student and you see that your single scoop of ice cream costs $4.90. Your fellow foodie will look you in the eye and tell you to live with no regrets and proceed to order a triple-scoop. They know that you need a push and that if the money is spent on something meaningful to you, it'll be worth it. 

3. They entertain you by tagging you in food memes. 

chocolate, ice cream, banana, milk
Anna Yang

Your daily dose of laughter stems from the food memes that describe your friend or from the ones that perfectly describe your relationship with that friend. Your foodie friend will continuously spam your Facebook notifications and never fail to make your day. My favorite food meme has got to be: "I may be a potato now, but one day I will become fries and you'll all want me then." 

4. They always make time to grab a meal with you. 

curry, shrimp, soup
Anna Yang

Scared that your friends are too busy or that they would rather hang out with other people? Don't be. All you have to do to win your foodie friend's heart is to ask to grab food. They will literally cancel their plans of sleeping in (and studying), just to eat with you. Besides, you never have to worry about things getting awkward at lunch - you just bring up food and they'll get really excited and talk to you. 

5. They're just as indecisive as you are. 

sweet, cake, chocolate, cream
Anna Yang

Should I get a baguette or should I be healthy and get whole wheat? Only two toppings for my fudge sundae? Your fellow foodie asks the same questions. You don't have to worry about wasting their time when you guys eat together because y'all will end up analyzing every option on the menu. True story: my foodie friend and I stood at the counter for 20 minutes because we were struggling to decide which ice cream flavors we wanted to sample.  

6. You get a personal photographer at no additional cost. 

cake, tea
Anna Yang

Foodies always capture the moment. A casual lunch will turn into a photo shoot. They know the best lighting and flattering angles. They are so extra and want high quality aesthetic pictures for the gram. They will make sure you are satisfied and that the photos are good enough to use for your next Facebook profile picture. 

7. They share their food with you. 

pizza, cake
Christy Chan

Food is happiness, so it should be shared. Do you ever crave everything on the menu, but know that you'll only finish one item? Foodies understand the struggle. You can each order what you want and share. This way, you guys can try everything you want without getting too full or too broke. Best of both worlds, am I right? 

8. You know each other better than you know yourselves. 

waffle, cream, ice, ice cream
Anna Yang

You eat with this foodie so often, they know what you pick out of your salad or what satisfies your late-night cravings. The best part: they can give you solid advice when you don't know what you want to get. They remember the trends in your taste and eating habits and can suggest what you might want to try this time. 

9. They are your motivation (and you are theirs). 

coffee, beer, tea
Christy Chan

When you try to talk yourself out of going to the gym, call up your foodie friend. They'll always be your work out buddy because they know they need to burn off all those calories. When you can't get into study mode; they motivate you by promising to treat you to a good dessert if you get an A on your midterm. 

10. They love you more than they love food. 

chocolate, ice, cake, whipped cream, strawberry, cream
Anna Yang

In the end, they are just like any other good friend- they're there for you. When they see food that you like, they'll shoot you a quick text about how they thought of you. They listen to your stories (and problems) and understand you inside out. You have laughed more (and eaten more) since they entered your life. They fill your world with calories, sunshine, and lots of love. They bring out the best of you. And you want to do the same for them- be a good best friend.