With the holiday season upon us, we're all a little more tempted to loosen our belts and indulge in some decadent seasonal treats. But do you actually know how many calories are in your favorite homemade holiday cookies? They might say that ignorance is bliss... but knowledge is power, and you know you're going to need some serious power to get through this holiday season. So, here goes nothing:

1. Chocolate Chip Cookies

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Scott Harrington

According to Nestlé Toll House's website, one cookie made from the Nestlé traditional chocolate chip cookie recipe printed on the tub of cookie dough is 110 calories (with 60 calories from fat).

2. Sugar Cookies

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Isabelle Langheim

This classic Christmas sugar cookie recipe is just asking for holiday-themed decorations like these cute Santa faces. But how many calories are in one of these babies? Only 65 (with 25 from fat)—and yes, that includes a little bit of icing, too.

3. Gingerbread Men

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Allison Hewitt

This recipe for gingerbread cookies is an easy one for beginners, but the playful holiday classic rings in at a whopping 158 calories (55 calories from fat) per cookie. But keep in mind that this number can fluctuate a lot depending on how much icing you use for decorations.

4. Linzer Cookies

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Amanda Shulman

Linzer cookies are one of my favorites. These raspberry jam-filled treats are about 85 calories per cookie (with 45 from fat). Not too shabby... and you're even getting in some fruit with your dessert, too.

5. Snickerdoodles

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Jocelyn Hsu

Unlike the Hotbox snickerdoodle cookies that I reviewed for my first Spoon article, these snickerdoodles from Food.com are a foolproof holiday hit. Despite the fact that they literally melt in your mouth, these cookies are 182 calories each (with 73 from fat).

6. Gingersnaps

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Maya Giaquinta

Gingersnaps just scream Christmas to me, and with 121 calories per cookie (with 46 from fat), I can treat myself with a pretty clear conscience—if I can somehow keep myself from eating more than one.

7. Rugelach

sweet, jam, pastry, cinnamon
Amanda Shulman

Rugelach is a mainstay at Hanukkah celebrations and is sure to please a crowd, with flavors ranging from raspberry to chocolate to cinnamon. This recipe for Rugelach tallies 97 calories (51 from fat) per cookie, but they're so small that it's way too easy to eat a bunch.

It's good to keep in mind that a lot of these homemade recipes call for smaller cookies or portion sizes than most of us are used to eating. But that's totally okay—If there's ever a time to serve yourself up a larger portion of cookies than the recipe calls for, it's the holidays.

#SpoonTip: If you need some justification for treating yourself, remember that baking cookies with your family is a bonding activity perfect for the season.