Have you ever found yourself in Odegaard library at 12 a.m., craving something that will boost your mood and heal your post-midterms broken heart, something warm and freshly baked. The vending machines are unworthy and most delivery eateries are either closed, overpriced, or don’t offer dessert options. Sometimes all you want is a warm cookie made with care and love. Don’t worry my friends – I have the solution.


Photo courtesy of yelp.com

What is Moonchies?

Moonchies is the cookie delivery service that caters directly to UW students, offering amazing customer service along with unbeatable flavor.

The student-run business operates from 9 p.m. to 2 a.m., with cookies priced at $2 each.

I’ve personally felt a complete lack of late-night delivery options in U-district; there’s Earl’s and Dominoes, but the former is sub-par and Dominoes requires a high minimum delivery cost, and if I’m just craving something sweet, I don’t want to spend tons of money on pizza and breadsticks (food I don’t want or need) just to raise the price of my order. Moonchies solves the lack of cheap, open, late-night delivery with free delivery, a minimum $8 order fee and orgasmic flavor.

Ordering My First Moonchies


Photo Courtesy of @moonchiesdelivery on Instagram

The online ordering process is super simple – even at your most hangry or inebriated, you will be able to navigate the site easily and get your hands on some dank cookies. Simply visit the Moonchies website and click on the ‘Order Now’ button. I ordered two S’mores cookies (because I got to get my S’mores fix somehow,) one chocolate chip and one snickerdoodle – a mix of innovative and traditional flavors.

I ordered my cookies at 9 o’clock and received them 45 minutes later, as advertised.

The Grand Arrival 


Photo courtesy of @moonchiesdelivery on Instagram

The cookies were delivered via green moped, the noble steed upon which my knight in shining armor delivered my sweet prize. I received a call upon arrival, and I dashed outside  (this was my equivalent of a husband returning from war.) I was handed my cookies in a box garnished with my name and a smiley face, adding a personal touch to the experience. They also included a loyalty punch card, which ensures a discount after ordering Moonchies five times.

Waiting for the elevator to get to my room was tortuous – I could smell the warm cookies’, a mixture of cinnamon (Snickerdoodle) and fragrant chocolate (S’mores.) Social norms alone kept me from ripping open the box like the savage I am and inhaling all four cookies.

Finally, I reached my room and was able to experience what I have been waiting to taste for 45 minutes.

Eating My First Moonchies aka the Moment I Felt Romantic Attraction Towards a Cookie


Photo courtesy of yelp.com

The cookies were gargantuan, easily the size of my hand and completely worth $2 each. Each cookie was consistently crunchy on the outside, melted decadently within. The S’mores flavor was definitely my favorite, but I admit it tasted more like a brownie (though this gave me no cause for complaint.) For maximum munchie satisfaction, consume the cookies immediately upon delivery while they are still warm.

Why You Should Order Moonchies

Overall, it was the homemade touch that makes Moonchies so unique – you can taste and smell the care that went into making them. It’s a type of care that we don’t get in the dining halls, where every dish and dessert is hardened, wrapped in a plastic prison, and most likely 5 days old.

The level of determination and care that Moonchies delivers to their customers is not usually seen by college students, who are used to disrespect and passive treatment by restaurants and our own dining halls. We’ve come to expect mediocrity and disappointment in flavor and service, despite the amount of money we put forward.

Please do your stomach and homesick heart a favor and order a S’mores cookie from Moonchies as soon as you can. You will be doing a devoted local business and your stomach a huge, deserved favor.