Zodiac signs are more than just an excuse to buy more jewelry with your star-sign on it. They can tell you everything from what drink you should order at the bar to what workout best suits your lifestyle. Whether you're a believer in astrology or not, zodiac signs are a great excuse to read some sorta-trashy magazines, and in this case, drink some upgraded hot cocoa. Figure out what the stars say about what type of hot chocolate you should drink for this holiday season.

Aries: Mexican Hot Chocolate

sweet, cream, candy, chocolate, cake, pastry, dairy product, milk
Max Bartick

Just like this Mexican hot chocolate, you're fiery and ambitious. It may be winter, but that won't stop you from taking a dip in the freezing ocean or running 10 miles in the cold. Warm up again with a hot chocolate that's just as spicy as you are.

Taurus: Slow Cooker Hot Chocolate

coffee, milk, cappuccino, cream, chocolate, espresso, hot chocolate, mocha, sweet
Alex Kaneshiro

You know that slow and steady wins the race, and you don't mind spending some extra time on recipes if it means you get to be gourmet af. Check out this recipe for slow cooker hot chocolate. You can throw it together before class and enjoy a rich mug of cocoa in the evening.

Gemini: Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate

coffee, cream, sweet, milk, chocolate, cappuccino, tea, espresso
Alex Tom

If Geminis were an emoji, it would be the dancing twins. Celebrate your split personality this winter with this salted caramel hot chocolate. Just like you, it's the best of both worlds: salty and sweet.

Cancer: Bailey's Hot Chocolate

As a total homebody, there's nothing you love more than going home for the holiday season. This December, cozy up with your family by the fireside, throw on some flannel pajamas, and whip up a cup of Bailey's hot chocolate for a snug and fun evening.

Leo: Matcha Hot Chocolate

cheese, tofu, vegetable
Kristine Mahan

Everyone knows that Leos are natural leaders. When it comes to foodie trends, you're always the first to know about it; you basically invented unicorn toast, and now you're blazing the trail with this Matcha hot chocolate. #YouDoYou, Leos.

Virgo: Pumpkin Spice Hot Chocolate

coffee, chocolate
Kate Donald

OK, it's time to be real with yourself: You're kinda vain. Virgos are fantastic in social settings, but they're also devastated if their Insta gets less than 200 likes. Own your basic-ness this holiday season with a Pumpkin Spice Hot Chocolate. It's just as pretty and popular as you are.

Libra: Peppermint Hot Chocolate

cream, chocolate, milk, sweet, coffee, hot chocolate, whipped cream, candy, ice, goody
Julia Muro

Libras are known for their stability, and just like peppermint hot chocolate, you know how to play it cool. Whip up this minty cocoa at home, or treat yourself to a Starbucks peppermint mocha on your way to class.

Scorpio: Red Wine Hot Chocolate

Just like red wine hot chocolate, Scorpios look cuddly, but they definitely have a sting. The kick of red wine adds a unique flavor to the hot chocolate that will keep you coming back for more. Did I mention that it's only three ingredients? Winning.

Sagittarius: Unicorn Hot Chocolate

chocolate, sprinkles, candy, cream, sweet, cake, milk, doughnut
Caroline Ingalls

You're all about exploring the world to get to know yourself better, and what better way to explore than with this unicorn hot chocolate? It's curious, quirky, and secretly romantic, just like you. Plus, you get to put sprinkles on it. Ideal.

Capricorn: Hot Chocolate Cookies

egg, chocolate
Ashley Kim

You know how you're always the last one to leave the office? Or the first to volunteer for a new project? That's because Capricorns are hard workers, and you don't mind putting in the time for something fab, like these hot chocolate cookies. Forget what type of hot chocolate you should drink, it's time to whip up some cookies.

Aquarius: Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate

All of your close friends know that you're a little crazy. You probably read philosophy books for fun and have several conspiracy theories on NASA's moon landing. Celebrate your nuttiness with this peanut butter hot chocolate. Extra peanut butter is encouraged.

Pisces: Nutella Hot Chocolate

chocolate, cream, milk, sweet, ice, hot chocolate, coffee
Clare Beatty

As a Pisces, you have a lot of emotions going on. Seriously. You've probably cried in the grocery store when they were sold out of your fave cereal brand. On those days when you need a pick-me-up, check out this Nutella hot chocolate. Twice as much chocolate, and twice as much fun.

For maximum enjoyment, I would recommend figuring out what type of hot chocolate you should drink, curling up in a blanket, and watching "Love Actually" with some gingerbread men. It's what the stars would want.