Matcha sprang up out of seemingly nowhere in popularity in the United States this year, but it actually been around since the 7th century. The nutrient-packed tea leaves saturated the food and beverage industry in 2016, and people got real creative. From baked goods and pancakes to gorgeous lattes, matcha has proven itself to be versatile. 

So, as it gets colder out, I thought there had to be a way to transform a matcha latte. Cue the matcha version of hot chocolate. 

For someone who doesn't like chocolate but is a self-proclaimed health nut (like myself), this hot beverage is perfectly festive. Even it's vibrant green color contributes to the holiday season aesthetic. I made my own refined sugar-free marshmallows, but feel free to use what suits your diet. 

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And, homemade marshmallows are simpler to make that you'd think, the flavor of honey pairs nicely with matcha tea but you could always sweeten the drink a bit more by adding a teaspoon of honey in while it's hot.