Some years ago I did a three month astrology course. It completely changed the way I saw people and events, for a while I was a little (just a little) obsessed, I was running around asking everyone about their zodiac sign, but with time I learned not to be extreme and consider all the contextual facts that lead people to behave the way they do. 

Astrology is an amazing tool if you know how to use it, but the first thing you need to learn is to be reasonable and not go crazy with believing everything you are told or being religiously committed to what you are supposed to think or do according to the planets in your natal chart.

We are all capable of doing almost the same things, but some people are born with a tendency to be like this and others to be like that. It is very cool to see how someone behaves taking into account their natal chart and zodiac sign, but don't get me wrong; you are not defined by this, you have free will and you are completely responsible for your actions. You can't blame the stars for your mistakes! 

When you think of your zodiac sign you should know that you are only taking into account your solar sign (the position where the sun was at the moment of your birth) and a very small part of the big puzzle that you are. There are so many elements involved in yourself that saying "I'm a Gemini, tell me something about it!" it's not only far from accurate but also very limited. Don't limit yourself, you are much more than that! 

I surfed the web to find some down-to-earth easy to understand astrology beginners guide and honestly, there is too much confusion.

I'm lucky enough to be friends with three astrologists, those real ones who study for years, and I can only recommend this website for you to check out, read about astrology and even do your very own natal chart. There you will understand a little more that there are countless factors included in an astrological analysis and that the trivialization of it is not really fair. 

Ok, now to the fun part: is there a possibility to find a better workout according to the zodiac sign? Yes and no. Why? Because everything is relative? wWell, yeah, but mostly because you may have a stronger influence from your moon or your ascendent and you solar sign might not be defining you atm. 

For example, Taurus is supposed to be a chill sign, not too much physical effort, rather stay comfortable on the couch. Are you a Taurus and you feel identified? Good, you should go for those classic book lines. Not identified at all? That's not because everything is bs, on the contrary, you should go deeper and find out which are the main influences on your personality. Check out Mars' position for help! Is it crazy? Yes! But also fascinating.

Here I'll stick to the classic definitions, let's see what's the best workout for you according to your zodiac sign.

1. Aries

As the first sign of the chart, you have the power of the beginning, the energy of fire inside you makes you want to start things and be very active. You tend to enjoy exercising on your own because you like to do things when you want to and how you want to.

But Aries also gets bored very easily and wants to move on to the next activity, that is why the best workout for you should be a team sport, where you can lead or have a main role, but also receive support from others to keep going. Field hockey, soccer, basketball, you name it! if there is enough adrenaline and competition it is good for Aries.    

2. Taurus

As I mentioned before, a person with a major Taurus influence will tend to go for the chilling part of the game. As an earth sign, you like things clear and comfortable, just like the firm and soft sand. You are not into crazy adrenaline or too much effort, that is why a perfect fit for Taurus should be slow hiking or a half hour run. Once you are donde with it, you can move on to all the other important stuff, like enjoying a good book or eating some fancy food. 

3. Gemini

Gemini is an air sign and they tend to be volatile. You are interested in many things at a time and you can love being active as much as sleeping and being lazy. But seriously, Gemini does need to stay active and entertained, you don't like repeating the same routine on and on. 

Tennis is said to be the perfect sport for this zodiac sign because you have to be strategic and it requires good reflexes, but you can also enjoy working out with friends, paleo training, zumba, running, or playing team sports like basketball.

4. Cancer

Cancer is probably the most emotional zodiac sign, and emotions are involved in everything they do. You don't need too many people around you, just a couple of good friends and family will do.

You can't practice a sport that you don't feel. You have to connect with it at some level to be able to keep going. You could feel the need to have a personal coach (you can pay your athletic friend with hugs or beers) that keeps you excited and connected, but you could also enjoy activities that aren't too risky and very rewarding like swimming, as you are a Water sign, or golfing, were you can enjoy the quietness of your own company.

5. Leo

You better step out because Leo is here. If you are influenced by this sign, you will probably want to win every time. Winning feels great, but you have to learn that losing is okay sometimes. You like being the best, so any workout or sport that gets into your mind will be fine, you will practice enough to master it.

Leo is pure fire, and lions need to be very active. From running marathons to playing water polo, going through athletics or beach volley, any activity involving effort and other people watching will satisfy your needs!

6. Virgo

Virgos are perfectionists. You were born with a tendency to be very meticulous. You like to be organized in everything you do, and that includes your workout. Any sports you practice, you will want to master it, and you tend to prefer physical activities were indeed you need to learn techniques and use your mind in the process, such as Pilates, yoga or martial arts.

7. Libra

Libra is all about balance and beauty. You are zero complicated, you prefer to be in peace with people so you are adaptable and diplomatic. You enjoy competition but not too much (some of you do, read the text above), you prefer working out with friends or playing team sports for the fun of it. You are not really into body contact and you really enjoy the outdoors. Pilates, dancing, skating or bike riding could fit you well. 

8. Scorpio

Although this is a water sign, Scorpios are filled with inner fire and that's why they need to stay active. You are competitive and almost aggressive when you want something, you will go for it and try to win no matter what. If you lose, you will rise from the ashes (yes, like the Phoenix).

Scorpio enjoys team sports, you would for sure want to get involved in soccer, field hockey or rugby, sports were you can bring out your inner force.

For those Scorpio who aren't into teams, physical activities that involve perfecting techniques and gaining inner/mental strength would work, such as yoga or martial arts.

9. Sagittarius

Sagittarius, you are a free spirit and if someone wants to be your friend they will have to follow you in your adventures. As people from this sign tend to need some kind of adrenaline in their lives, you should be doing some exciting outdoors sports like surfing, horse riding or mountain biking. You enjoy solo activities as much as group ones, you are friendly and you like sharing time with others, playing soccer, basketball or handball should be perfect too. 

10. Capricorn

A classic Capricorn needs structure, is solid as the earth, and puts a lot of pressure on themselves. Sticking to a specific gym routine with a guiding coach (that gives you personal space) or practicing a solo sport would fit you well.

You are perfect for running marathons, it is a situation were you can work hard and achieve a rewarding final goal, biking or hiking could work too. Capricorn is all about the effort during the journey and the final success. Any discipline that requires an effort to improve yourself would be suitable for you. 

11. Aquarius

Aquarius is pure air, always friendly and open to meet new people and new experiences. You don't need to prove anything to anyone, you are not crazy about sports but you enjoy being active and outdoors. Any sports involving nature, inner search and adventure would do for you.

From acrobatics to surfing, which requires solo time to spend with your spiritual self, you also like being part of a team, so any team sport could also fit you well. I'm sure you'll chose wisely, aquarians know better.

12. Pisces 

Pisces are very social and caring. You feel good in your element, that's why swimming solo or water polo will probably be part of your life. But hey, no blacks or whites here!

For those Pisces who hate water, you can always go for other activities. You enjoy music and this sign rules the feet so any kind of dancing could be a good workout, and as you are also very visual you need to start by visualizing a goal in your mind. You may chose to exercise not because of the exercise itself but because of the good feelings that your body experiences on the way.

Walking outside also suits Pisces and activities involving self nourishing like yoga or meditation could be key for you to eliminate the bad vibes that you easily absorb.

Remember, if you don't feel at all like your zodiac solar sign description, you should investigate more and get to know yourself better! It is truly fun and shocking how much this information can help once you stop mumbling about why you don't have time for this. Hope you find your perfect workout and always enjoy the journey.