One woman recently became a celebrity in the Christmas world. She created a drinking game that will, supposedly, work with every single Hallmark Christmas movie. Yep, you read that right. Booze + Hallmark Christmas movies = endless cheer. Okay, so I had a little doubt when I first saw this new game. I mean, I'm on board that Hallmark movies contain repeating themes, but how many times does someone reference a dead relative or bash on fake evergreen in the movies? 

Of course I had to test it—such a difficult task, I know. Since the game is supposed to work on every Hallmark Christmas movie, I couldn't just watch one. (Who can watch only one Hallmark Christmas movie anyway?) So, I chose an odd three to test the game to see if it really worked: "Pete's Christmas," "A December Bride," and "Coming Home For Christmas."

#SpoonTip: Yes, it's a drinking game. But please drink responsibly! Spoon University does not support binge drinking or underage drinking. 

First, The Rules

The rules are simple. Take a sip (or a gulp) of your drink whenever the characters are enjoying a warm drink, kiss under mistletoe, or any of the other written references in the above photo. ("Magical deal with Santa or Angel" is my favorite.)

On special occasions, though, like when the characters are forced to (or willingly) wear wonderfully tacky Christmas sweaters, you take two sips.

Finally, you have to finish what's left of your drink (preferably chug it to keep the game more interesting) whenever it's "Snowing on Christmas!" or when the Scrooge of the movie is suddenly full of the Christmas spirit.

You should keep playing until the movie ends, so refills need to be on standby. The trick is to remember when to drink. But you can take it a step even further and come up with what drink to make to accompany each movie. 

Here's how each movie played out with the game. 

1. "Pete's Christmas"

Choose your drink wisely for this movie, because within the first 10 minutes I already had to finish my drink. Spoiler alert: It's like a Christmas-themed "Groundhog's Day." So the snowball fight that's in the beginning will repeat. Multiple times. However, this became a slight dilemma, since it happens to snow on Christmas Day (this calls for you to finish your drink in the game), and this special day repeats several times. So, do you only drink once, or every time they show the Christmas snow? The choice is up to you. 

2. A December Bride

This incredibly sweet, Christmas spirit and romance-filled movie is my favorite thus far. A fake engagement turns into finding true love, as is only possible in a movie. However, despite the Christmas cheer and cheesy lines, the drinking points were fairly spread out; there was remaining rum and Coke in my glass after the movie was over. But this was a nice break after the previous movie. 

3. "Coming Home for Christmas"

The beautiful old house for sale, and two eligible (and quite attractive) brothers in this film will make you wish your life was a Hallmark movie. But don't worry, now you can drink your sorrows away while Lizzie finds true love with Robert, the rich and perfect man who whisks her off her feet. Most of the drinks came from referencing dead relatives, but this was sufficient enough to start feeling a little warm inside. And I'm not talking about the feel good vibes from the movie. 

I think it's safe to say that this woman made a stellar, and successful, drinking game. Any previous doubt about it not working was blown into smithereens after the first film. However, I might add "Finish your drink when the main character ends up with a different person then who they were dating in the beginning of the movie," just to make the game more...interesting. But a Christmas movie drinking game is a great way to distress from exams with the Scrooges and Tiny Tims in your life. Merry Christmas and please, drink responsibly.