Now we all know the holidays are the best part of year, but when it comes to all your relatives jam-packed into a small house, everyone needs a drink to take the edge off a little. So if that sounds all to familiar to you, or you're just looking for another excuse to get drunk, you've hit the jackpot.

So for all of you out there looking for an excuse to drink, here's 12 excuses to drink all through December.

Day 1: Red Wine Hot Chocolate

marshmallow, candy, sweet, mochi, water
Lucy Carlisle

Red wine hot chocolate is the perfect way to kick off the holidays, while still taking the edge off. It's easy enough to sit on the couch with, watch some movies, and relax.

Day 2: Boozy Eggnog

coffee, milk, cappuccino, cream, espresso, sweet, chocolate
Kristine Mahan

Eggnog is the epitome of the perfect Christmas drink—creamy, thick, and, of course, alcoholic. So take a seat and enjoy a nice glass of this cinnamon punch.

Day 3: Holiday Mimosas

wine, alcohol, liquor, juice, ice, cocktail
Rebecca Buchanan

Perfect for a Christmas brunch and perfect for an excuse to start early. You'll get everyone in the holiday spirit with these Christmas mimosas.

Day 4: Baileys Irish Cream

milk, cream, coffee, juice, sweet, tea, yogurt, dairy product
Sarah Anderson

This delicious 'milkshake' will do the trick for the fourth day of Christmas. Irish whiskey, half and half, and some condensed milk—perfect to sip on during Christmas dinner.

Day 5: Spiked Cider 

honey, jam, sweet, juice, apple, marmalade
Bari Silvershein

Everyone loves a good, warm apple cider by the fire at Christmas time, so why not spike it? Check out this recipe for the perfect spiked cider to pregame your next holiday party.

Day 6: Candy Cane Martini

coffee, juice, sweet, cream, ice, milk
Hana Burkly

On the sixth day of Christmas: a candy cane peppermint drink, containing mostly vodka and grenadine, will have you ready to converse with those in-laws.

Day 7: Berry Christmas Sangria

wine, apple, juice
Kelly Redfield

This red wine spritzer has plenty of berries to keep you from regretting it in the morning. It's the perfect drink for the holidays, everyone will want a sip.

Day 8: Apple Pie Shots

tea, juice, sweet, apple
Lauren Eiden

A rimmed glass with cinnamon and a shot of American Honey topped with an apple slice is perfect for the holidays. Everyone will be begging to try this one.

Day 9: Christmas Cosmos

martini, ice, cocktail, coffee
Keris Heading

Make these holiday cosmos with a splash of pomegranate juice to make them red and garnish them with a lime for that Christmasy feel—because when isn't it happy hour in holiday season?

Day 10: Boozy Mint Chip "Milkshakes"

chocolate, yogurt, coffee, sweet, dairy product, cream, milk
Brooke Hamroff

Perfect for dessert (or not), so add a splash (or more) of vodka to your mint chip milkshake and you're good to go.

Day 11: Red and Green Jell-O Shots

pepper, watermelon
Heather Feibleman

Because who doesn't love Jell-O shots? Make them red and green to have an excuse to make them this holiday! You can even step your Jell-O shot game up a notch by making them in red and green apples... check this out.

Day 12: Fireball

alcohol, whisky, wine, liquor, beer, maple syrup, syrup
Christin Urso

And on the twelfth day of Christmas, cinnamon fireball shots, plain and simple... go ahead and pound 'em. Here's a little something strong to get you through the last day—enjoy!

Whether you use this guide to get yourself amped for the holiday season or to get yourself through countless family gatherings, it will surely do the job. So, may your holidays be filled with love, happiness, and plenty of alcohol. But remember not to drink it all in one day!