Though Christmas has passed and ABC's 25 Days of Christmas is over, the Holiday season is still in full swing. Family and friends are still around (for better or for worse), it is cold, and hopefully snow is on the ground. 

In between holiday parties and shopping there is nothing better than snuggling up by the fireplace, warm drink in hand while watching a cheesy movie filled with holiday cheer and love. We all have our favorite holiday movies — some prefer the classics while others love a modern twist and a good laugh.

Whatever your favorite Holiday movie happens to be, there is a drink that matches the personality of the movie. Did I mention booze is involved? 

1. Elf

We all love Buddy's enthusiastic adortion for Christmas. His naivety and big heart bring a smile to our faces, reminding us there is a child inside all of us. To match Buddy's sweet tooth and love for maple syrup Maple Bourbon Chia Tea Toddy is a perfect warming cocktail to enjoy.

2. Home Alone

Kevin's creative tactics to avoiding the burglars and the sweet creamy taste of spiked eggnog make perfect companions. But, like the movie reminds us, the holidays are best spent with loved ones and no one wants to drink alone, so invite your friends and fam over for this one.  

3. How the Grinch Stole Christmas

The Grinch celebrates its 50th anniversary this Christmas season. To commemorate the golden year here is a drink as green as the Grinch's fur for all you Whos in Woodville — though you might use this uncontaminated version for little Cindy Lou Who.

4. A Charlie Brown Christmas

In my opinion, this is the sweetest Christmas movie. It is easy to fall into the commercialization that Christmas has become and the Peanuts crew, Linus especially, serve as a reminder of what Christmas is really about. Hot chocolate (no booze needed) is a good mate for this innocent and simple cartoon.  

5. It's A Wonderful Life

Classy and old timey. Mulled wine is a homey, old school pairing for this deeper, more inspiring Christmas movie filled with the life lessons of George Bailey. The mulled wine will warm you up as the storyline melts your heart.  

Enjoy this time with loved ones, make new memories and keep the (holiday) spirits flowing. Cheers!