If you feel like Christmas feels early this year, you are right. Stores are advertising their special deals and decorations are already lighting up the streets at night. New York City is the home of Christmas sprit with multiple Christmas markets for locals and tourists alike.

The Bryant Park Christmas Market is the earliest to open this season: October 28th. It's a perfect way to fulfill your gift needs as well as fill your belly.

CJ Kang

From the outside, the market looks like any other outside dining area, but once you're cornered between 5th and 6th ave and 40th and 42nd, you're in the North Pole. 

Bryant Park has an endless number of booths from clothes to food. It is nearly impossible to fully explore everything in one day. 


At the Bryant Park Christmas Market, you will surely be able to find a Christmas present for those on your list who are difficult to shop for. From wallets to jewelry, you'll find inspiration. The shops include Lucid New York, Sara Designs, Lazy Jack Press, Min and Mon, and Pamela Barsky.

CJ Kang


If you have younger siblings, cousins, nieces, or nephews, you can find a variety of toys with which to distract them. There are shops such as New York Puzzle Company, Mr. Ellie Pooh, Silly Puppets, Fluffy Alpacas, and The North Pole to keep them entertained.

CJ Kang


On occasion, you might find yourself wanting to spruce up your dorm room, and the marketplace definitely provides some of the best decorations and artwork to do just that. While you're there, check out Metal Park, You Are Here Studios, Zen Garden, Brooklyn Art Factory, and Dekco for the best decorations around.

CJ Kang

Food and Dessert

And when you get hungry, have no fear! The market serves high-quality food for your stomach and for Instagram, too.  You can fulfill your food needs after a long day of shopping by going to Home Frite, TopArepa, Max Brenner, Dulcinea Churros, or Chick'n Cone.

CJ Kang

Ice Skating

Once you're done shopping, you can also enjoy ice skating right in the park from 8am- 10pm! Admission is always free but rental starts at $20 for just the skates.

CJ Kang

As the year goes by, more markets will open up:

Union Square - Nov 16 to Dec 24

Grand Central - Nov 13 to Dec 24

Columbus Circle - Nov 28 to Dec 24

But the Bryant Park Christmas Market is a great way to shop for everyone on your list, all while enjoying great food and getting into the Christmas spirit. 

CJ Kang

Happy Shopping!