What can get you into the holiday mood more than a holly jolly cocktail? Here's a collection of yummy and simple festive drinks organized by your favorite type of alcohol. These are best accompanied with some Mariah Carey holiday hits and some fuzzy socks. Enjoy your favorite booze or try testing out new and exciting drinks.

Vodka: The St. Nick

ice, juice, cocktail, sweet, mint, liquor
Kevin Del Orbe

This is one drink that Santa might like more than a glass of milk. The pear and vodka combo is a classic, and you can even try using pear-flavored vodka (my personal favorite is La Poire Grey Goose). 

Rum: The Home Alone

coffee, milk, tea, cream, espresso, cinnamon, sweet, chocolate, cappuccino
Becca Berland

This cocktail is a warm mix of apple cider, maple syrup, cinnamon, and your favorite spiced rum. Perfect for cuddling up in front of a fire, or a space heater.

Champagne: The Primrosa

juice, cocktail, ice, sweet, milk, strawberry, smoothie, alcohol, cream, berry, yogurt
Collette Block

Champagne is a perfect drink for when you're with the family and want to celebrate the holidays, or the fact that you survived your first semester. By replacing orange juice with cranberry, this cocktail has a festive color and can be consumed any time of day.  

Tequila: White Christmas Margarita

Who said that margaritas were meant for warm weather? This white, coconut-based margarita is a little complicated, but worth the effort. It can be decorated with cranberries and rosemary to add a Christmas vibe, but the flavor will transport you to the beach. 

Red Wine: Mulled Wine

Anika Schaedle

This mulled wine recipe is just a warm wintery version of Sangria. Mulled wine is very popular throughout Europe as a winter treat, and europeans definitely know their alcohol better than anyone else.

Fireball: Warm Spicy Caramel Apple

honey, cinnamon, sweet
Libby Perold

This recipe calls for whiskey, but Fireball adds even more cinnamon flavor, making this cocktail more like your favorite holiday dessert. There's nothing wrong with a combo of your fave whiskey and a slice of pie. 

Beer: Black Velvet

coffee, milk, beer, espresso, tea
Kaylee McIntosh

If you are a beer lover but aren't feeling the seasonal IPA's, this is the cocktail for you. It's not specifically a holiday drink, but the darkness of the Guinness goes well on a snowy, wintery day.

White Wine: The Ultimate Holiday Sangria

Kelly Redfield

Sangria is one of those drinks you can throw together based off of what's already in your fridge. During the holiday season, most of these ingredients will already be staples, so why not soak them in some alcohol?

Gin: Cranberry Cocktail

cocktail, alcohol, juice, wine, ice, liquor, vodka, aperitif, martini
Claire Tromblee

This A Christmas Carol-inspired cocktail is so simple you can make it in your dorm room. That is, if you have gin in your dorm room. 

Kahlua: Hot Mint Chocolate Toddy

milk, cream, coffee, chocolate, sweet, dairy product, hot chocolate
Keni Lin

If Kahlua is your alcohol of choice, than you already know that it's already a perfect drink for the holidays. However, if you're looking to impress some guests, this mint hot chocolate toddy is the perfect drink for you.

Cheers to Christmastime! Enjoy your cocktails.