Camping can be a great opportunity to escape from the stresses of life. You can leave school behind and enjoy the beauty of nature. It can be a fantastic opportunity to unwind. However, not all college students are well-equipped with camp stoves or proper gear to make a good meal once they're out in nature. If you're in this situation and don't want to eat cold cans of soup, have no fear. Here are some tips you can follow to sustain yourself and make your camping trip awesome. 

1. Grocery Shop on Your Way 

Kathryn Stouffer

Bring some empty coolers or bags and make sure to leave room in your car because one of the best ways to ensure you get exactly what you need is to go grocery shopping with your fellow campers on your way to the campsite. Costco or Trader Joe's are great one-stop shops for easy options and snacks in bulk.

Make a trip to Costco if you're going with a large group to stock up on water and other filling snack items. Don't forget to fill up on samples while you're there. For some healthier options and more individual-sized portions, head to Trader Joe's. It can be a great stop for fresh produce, peanuts, almonds, and other healthier and easily transportable snacks.  

2. Make Your Own Trail Mix 

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Torey Walsh

Speaking of nuts, you have to have some trail mix on a camping trip. Trail mix is an obvious addition to a no-cooking camping trip. Making your own combination is a far better—and healthier—way to make sure you are getting the protein and nutrients you need to stay energized and full for your trip. Check out this article for seven awesome DIY trail mixes

3. Build Your Sandwich On-the-Go

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Jocelyn Hsu

You can also pre-make and package sandwiches to stick in a cooler. But if everyone wants something different, it is a good idea to bring a loaf of bread and different sandwich filling options. Pack jars of peanut butter and jelly, some lunch meat, and a variety of sliced cheese, so you have these options to build-your-own sandwiches during your stay. 

4. Bring a Large Water Jug 

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Alexa Rojek

Depending on where you go, your campsite may or may not have access to fresh drinking water. It is always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to water. Bring reusable water bottles and make room in your car for a large water jug people can use to refill. This option is also far better for the environment than buying plastic water bottles in bulk. Especially if you have hikes planned, having plenty of drinking water should be priority number one. 

While camping is fantastic, it is definitely one of those excursions you need to prepare a little more for a successful trip. In addition to making sure you have the proper fuel for a campfire, you also have to remember to bring the proper fuel for yourself. Following any or all of these tips can help personalize your camping experience and ensure you have everything you need for a wonderful escape into nature.