My family and I try to go camping twice a year. There's something about the outdoors and sleeping in a tent that makes everything better—conversations, games and, of course, the food (as if food could get any better). But believe me, when you wake up to find dew all over your clothes and the air is so fresh that it almost stings, food somehow enhances the whole experience.

That being said, some foods are better to bring camping than others, and as long as you have a cooler and a few other things, the following are the best foods and drinks you should take on your next outdoor adventure. Don't worry though, these aren't the typical boring burgers and can of beans.


Mini Cereal Boxes and Milk

Emily Genzer

You've seen the tiny boxes of cereal, right? They're adorable and the perfect size to tote to the campsite. Plus, each person can have their own favorite cereal. You might want to claim yours before you even leave the house, though, because I've found that cereal can make people possessive.

French Toast

french toast, toast, syrup, maple syrup
Jaime Wilson

French toast is delicious and hearty and so easy to make. To make for easy preparation, put a few cracked eggs in Tupperware before you leave and bring it along. When you're ready to cook it, coat the toast in the egg and cook it on a camping stove or even over the fire. Hell, just cook up those eggs too while you're at it.


Cheese and Crackers

cheese, milk, dairy product, dairy, cheddar
Amanda Shulman

Ah, cheese and crackers. This is honestly my favorite meal ever, so it's always my recommendation to bring them just about anywhere. It's always fun to try combinations of different cheeses with different crackers. If you're really feeling fancy, bring a baguette instead of crackers.  


sandwich, bread, ham, meat
Jennifer Cao

Sandwiches are the perfect camping lunch because with only a few ingredients there are so many possibilities. It makes for a fun activity and an individualized meal. Take a page out of my mom's book and throw some tortilla chips in there for a nice crunch.


Chips and Salsa

vegetable, tomato, salsa, pepper, guacamole
Sydney Segal

My parents make their own super spicy salsa, so naturally we take it everywhere we can. It is the perfect snack that feeds a ton of people—or just be like me and eat it all yourself. Try sweet and spicy salsas to give yourself some variety.

Fresh Fruit

sweet, juice, vegetable
Hailey Maher

Fruit is the best healthy snack and the perfect side dish to any meal. Put it on top of your cereal for breakfast, on your cheese and crackers for lunch, or just snack on it by itself.


Veggie Kebabs

beef, steak, kebab, lamb, pork, pepper, chicken
Kevin Del Orbe

Kebabs are both fun to make and super cool-looking. Get the whole family involved in assembly. Or if you're too lazy to put veggies on skewers, just throw them in some foil, season them and cook over the fire.

Sloppy Joe's

meat, beef, pork, vegetable
Allison Wojtowecz

Sloppy Joe's are delicious. They're usually crowd-pleasers and, I mean, you're basically morally obligated to get your hands dirty when you're camping, right? Eating one of these definitely counts.


Hot Chocolate

coffee, espresso, milk, cappuccino, tea, cream, chocolate, indian tea
Christine Chang

Okay, to be perfectly honest, I drink this for breakfast, but chocolate seems to belong in the dessert category. It's extremely easy to heat some water and pour in hot chocolate mix, but if you're feeling wild because you're outdoors, try something new.


chocolate, candy, sweet, marshmallow, peanut, peanut butter, cookie
Allison Wild

Well, of course, who could write a camping article and not include s'mores? They're delicious, and it's a camping tradition. However, if for some reason you're tired of the same old s'mores or you don't like them, there are plenty of other desserts you can cook while camping.