Food can be expensive. However, Costco — the place of every food shopper's dream — is the best place to buy everything you want and need when you need to make bulk purchases. So, get your wallets ready, and read on for the best bulk snacks —excluding candy and soda — to get at Costco for under $10. 

1. Quaker Chewy Granola Bars 

Price: $8.99; Amount: 60 bars 

Take your breakfast on the go by getting this granola bar variety pack. These chewy granola bars are the ultimate combination of sweet and healthy, so you won't feel guilty eating something with chocolate. This also makes a perfect snack to secretly eat while you're in a lecture class. 

2. Kirkland Signature Chewy Granola Bars

Price: $8.69; Amount: 60 bars 

Costco's own store brand — Kirkland — has above par products, so trust Costco on this one by getting their own chewy granola bars pack. They're not as sweet as the Quaker Chewy Granola Bars, but they're still just as healthy. 

3. Little Bites Cake Lovers Variety Pack 

Price: $9.39; Amount: 24 pouches

These Little Bites snacks are true to their name, as the snacks are so tiny, I easily pop them in my mouth and eat the whole bag in under 30 seconds. Get this variety pack to stuff yourself with muffins or share with a friend.

4. Linden's Chocolate Chip Cookies

Price: $7.59; Amount: 18 packs

I don't know about you, but I loved these cookies as a snack in middle school. Re-visit your memories and buy a pack of these Linden's Chocolate Chip Cookies. There are three in each pack, so you can fill yourself up with 54 cookies of middle school memories.  

5. Chocolate Pocky 

Price: $8.99; Amount: 12 pouches. 

Enter the world of Pocky by starting off with regular chocolate-flavored Pocky sticks. These classic flavored snacks are simple, but absolutely addicting. Like the Little Bites, the Pocky sticks go by fast when you're mindlessly eating, so save yourself a future trip and get a whole box full of Pocky pouches. They also won't make a mess and leave crumbs everywhere, so you can eat them in classes, too. 

6. Bamboo Lane Organic Rice Rollers

Price: $8.99; Amount: 32 rollers

This is the perfect crunchy and light snack that you can easily take anywhere. It's also the ultimate health snack, as this snack uses original brown rice, has low fat, low sodium, is allergen-free, gluten free, and is vegan. My goodness! 

7. Mott's Fruit Snacks 

Price: $6.89; Amount: 90 pouches 

I love Welch's fruit snacks, and the Scooby-Doo ones, but Mott's fruit snacks have impressed me with their real fruit and veggie juice.

8. Kirkland Signature Organic Seaweed

Price: $8.99; Amount: 10 packs 

Not only do these salty seaweed chips have health benefits, it's extremely delicious. Check out more reasons why you should start buying roasted seaweed, and then go ahead and get Kirkland's seaweed at Costco's. 

9. Capri Sun Juice Variety Pack

Christal Acosido

Price: $7.89; Amount: 40 pouches 

Again, let's dive right back into your childhood by picking up a pack of these drinks. And to make it a little more adult, try this "boozy Capri Sun slushies" recipe

10. Nissin Chicken Cup of Noodles

Price: $6.89; Amount: 24 cups

Your college experience is not complete without eating Cup Noodles at least once in your four years of higher education. This quick snack, that can also serve as lunch or dinner (although, I wouldn't recommend it), will warm you up with its hot broth and thin noodles. And if you're feeling extra and want to vamp up your cup noodles, add XO sauce to make it taste even better. 

11. Dole Fruit Bowl Variety 

Price: $7.99; Amount: 16 cups

If you never have the time to go out and buy fruits, and then cut them up for a snack, go to Costco's and buy this variety pack of Dole Fruit Bowls with peaches, cherries, and other mixed fruit. Not only can you enjoy fresh fruits as you go to your classes, you can drink the 100 percent real fruit juice at the end. It's very refreshing. 

12. Kirkland Signature Organic Apple Sauce

Price: $9.99; Amount: 24 pouches 

What happens when you're running to class but don't have enough hands to eat your apple sauce with a spoon? Grab this pack of Kirkland Organic Apple Sauce instead and you can eat it on the go. These are also organic, gluten-free, and have no sugar added.

13. Oreos

Tanvi Akhauri

Price: $8.49; Amount: 10 packs in a box 

First of all, Oreos are the best. This is the ultimate snack to dunk in milk, take them apart, or eat them whole. But you don't just have to eat them plain. You can incorporate them into so many yummy recipes.

14. Popcorners Variety Pack

Price: $9.99; Amount: 28 bags

For a snack that is light and healthy, and doesn't have that strong of a flavor compared to other chips, this is addicting. You can't stop eating them. 

15. Pirate's Booty 

Price: $8.99; Amount: 36 bags

These little treasure chests of light corn and cheese puffs are better than gold itself. Funny enough, if you want the real big bag, you're going to have to go to Trader Joe's. 

Clearly, Costco has all different kinds of snacks for you to munch on. And Costco is not just known for selling bulk snacks for cheap; there's a ton of items to buy in bulk for your dorm, kitchen, bathroom, etc. So head on over to a Costco's near you and get ready to stock up.