If you go to a fast food restaurant for anything but the french fries, then you're doing something wrong. Not only are the french fries the most unique thing about each one, they are also the best item on every menu. Everyone has their personal favorites, but it's safe to say that some fast food french fries are better than others. 

How do you know if the fries are worth the money, you ask? It's basically based on how addicting they are. Here are the best of the best, and a little inspiration for your next french fry adventure

10. Burger King

Addiction Level: Getting a Tan

When you think of Burger King, you probably don't think of their fries, but they actually aren't too bad. Eating these fries is kind of like having a tanning addiction. You know you should stop — it's not good for you — but you just can't. Like tanning, these fries are one of those strange cravings you have that you can't explain, but you should move on. You're better than this. 

9. In-N-Out

Addiction Level: Refreshing Your Email Inbox

Have you ever been that girl that's refreshing her email at the club? That's exactly what it will be like when you eat In-N-Out french fries. Your friends are kind of confused about what you're doing, and why, but you're just doing you. Eating In-N-Out fries at least make a little more sense, I mean, they're still fries.

8. Arby's

Addiction Level: Cleaning Your Apartment

Curly fries are by far the most underrated french fry to exist. No one gives them enough credit for being as good as they are. They're kind of like when you get a little bit of toothpaste on your bathroom mirror, so you wipe it off and end up cleaning your entire apartment. You won't want to stop cleaning once you start, similar to eating Arby's curly fries. 

7. Wendy's

Addiction Level: Picking Off Your Nail Polish

While Wendy's fries are good, they don't beat out any of the others on this list. They're kind of like how you feel about picking off nail polish — you'll do it if you're extremely bored, but later, you're not so proud of yourself. Sure, they're perfectly salted and just crispy enough, there are better things you could be doing.

6. Shake Shack

Addiction Level: Playing a New Favorite Song on Repeat 

If you're not careful, eating these crinkle cut fries can become an obsession. They're like the catchy song you heard in spin class that you immediately added to your playlist, and yes, you've listened to that song exclusively for the past two hours. When it comes to Shake Shack's crinkle cut fries, you'll definitely want to keep your order on repeat.

5. Sonic

Addiction Level: Playing Candy Crush until You Run Out of Lives

Technically speaking, tater tots are different from french fries. But if you think about it, they're both basically potatoes, so let's go with it. Eating Sonic's tots is like playing Candy Crush and running out of lives — you'll probably run out fast. If you want more, you'll have to pay to play. Luckily, in the case of tots, you can also just steal a couple of your friend's. 

4. Five Guys

Addiction Level: Finishing a New Show on Netflix... and Then Another

Ever find a new show on Netflix, binge watch the whole thing and then get sad when there are no more episodes left? But then you find another season or movie, and everything's back to normal? That's exactly what it feels like at Five Guys when you find the extra fries at the bottom of your bag. So now you won't have to stop eating (or watching) because there's always more. 

3. Steak'n Shake

Addiction Level: Swiping Right to Find Your Perfect Match

Steak 'n Shake shoestring fries are one of a kind. You'll find yourself eating these fries as effortless as swiping right on Bumble. They come in plain, spicy or cheesy and leave you begging for more — just to be clear, we're still talking fries here.

2. Chick-fil-A 

Addiction Level: Checking Your Instagram Likes

There's something about waffle fries that make them taste 10 times better than regular fries. Whatever Chick-fil-A does to them, I feel like these fries taste better than they should. Eating these fries is like nonstop checking the likes on a fire Insta you just posted — you turn your phone screen over to keep you from looking, but you just can't stop.

1. McDonald's

Addiction Level: Binge Watching "Stranger Things"

McDonald's french fries win most addicting by a lot of points. Eating McDonald's fries is equivalent to the feeling you have when the new season of "Stranger Things" drops — yes, you are still watching (er, eating) and you want to continue. There's nothing like the saltiness of the french fries followed by the sweetness of a fountain Coke. Don't worry if you won't want to share with your friends, it's completely okay to eat them all. 

Overall, eating French fries is a pretty addicting experience — salt stuck to your fingers, you dig your hands in the bag, holding the greasy bottom with the other and pop one after the other into your mouth. No matter how full you are, you can always eat more. But don't worry, it's worth it.