Since the beginning of fast food chain restaurants, students all over campuses have debated about which chain restaurant offers the best French fries. Everyone knows chain fries have their own distinct tastes, but nobody has ever come to a conclusion about which is the best. I am here to give you a ranking of the best of the best. Here are the top five chain restaurants' French fries. 

5. In-N-Out Burger

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Alex Frank

If we were talking about burgers, this would be a different story, but In-N-Out Burger's French fries are sub-par when it comes to preference. Maybe if it's late at night and I'm passing by I'd scarf them down, but if I'm looking for fast food to favor after a night out, In-N-Out fries are not my go-to. 

4. Shake Shack

Lauren Murray

Shake Shack's crinkle cut fries are delicious, but you really have to be in the mood. Their fries are always better if you pair it with one of the Christmas seasonal milkshakes. I've found myself not being able to finish an order of fries, which is not usually the case when it comes to French fries. 

3. Chick-Fil-A

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Kimberly Fu

Recently, Chick-fil-A's French fries have been overly salty and aggressively average, but their crispy crunch never disappoints. While I love munching on these waffle fries, their shelf life isn't long and you can forget about reheating them to eat later. 

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2. McDonald's

ketchup, french fries

McDonald's French fries never disappoint and they're not too expensive either. A quick trip to the drive-thru for a large fries and Coke will fix any bad day. Let McDonald's fries work their magic. 

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1. Whataburger

A Texas classic, Whataburger French fries never ever disappoint. I always find myself wanting more, especially with their beloved fancy ketchup. An added bonus: you might get to "keep" your order number and start a collection.