Aventura, the newly opened Spanish-styled restaurant from the genius who brought us Sava’s and Babo, features one-of-a-kind French fries in a variety of dishes you never knew you couldn’t live without. One of its most popular dishes is Patatas Bravas, consisting of golden brown fries served with melted cheese and sunny-side up egg on top. The tastes blend quickly and perfectly in your mouth for a tapas-style treat. Delicioso.


Photo by Ben Rosenstock

At BurgerFi, a modern fast-food restaurant, there is something for everyone. On the must-try list is its one-of-a-kind fry toppings, giving your delicious side dish more zest than ever. Toppings include salt and vinegar, cheese sauce, Parmesan cheese and herbs, chili and hot Cajun spices. Pair any of these mouthwatering tastes with a juicy burger and you’re set.

BurgerFi 2

Photo By ben Rosenstock

Vellum is an upscale restaurant nestled on Main Street in the heart of downtown Ann Arbor. With a gourmet menu, Vellum offers flat, spongy fries that supplement dishes such as steak, tuna tartare and crab cakes. The fries’ potato base has a thin texture and an unforgettable taste. With Vellum fries you can’t go wrong.


Photo By Ben Rosenstock

Maize and Blue:
Maize and Blue French fries are perfect with your next, deli-style dinner. These fries are thin and crunchy, unlike a softer and flatter steak fry. They are covered in salt and served with a side of ketchup, mustard or ranch dressing. Maize and Blue fries are best enjoyed casually, whether it’s in between classes or on Football Saturdays.

Maize & Blue

Photo by Ben Rosenstock

WINNER: Aventura’s Patatas Bravas simply cannot be beat. It’s a close call, but with these Spanish-styled fries, you’ll never turn back!