We've all been there, the 12 am diner date after a long, long night. The go-to food is almost always a greasy one, which means a batch of fries will definitely be ordered. And by now we've all had way too many fries in our lifetime to now know which ones are our absolute favorites. Read on to find out what your favorite type of fries says about you.

1. Standard Cut

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The classic fry choice makes you the typical go-with-the-flow kind of person. Your indecisive nature has you following others' leads. The frills in life don't matter to you, so you stay clear of finding too much joy in the extras. You tend to be the quiet one of the group, but don’t worry, your predictable nature labels you a reliable friend.

2. Waffle Fries

If your favorite is waffle fries, you are spontaneous and always ready to go on an adventure. When boredom strikes among your friends, you fill in the holes (get it?) by having creative ideas to pass the time. You're not afraid to get your hands dirty, which makes your silliness your best attribute.

3. Curly Fries

Just like how dipping a bouncy curly fry into ketchup is so enjoyable, you bring the excitement to any party. Your bubbly personality goes a long way and is definitely recognized by others. You spread yourself across different friend groups, exactly how you can pull a curly fry to incredible lengths, but don’t stretch yourself too thin.  


4. Crinkle-Cut

Because this is a rare find on any menu, you are deemed patient to have this one as your favorite fry. Your maturity and great sense of self have you taking on all of the leadership roles. People tend to gravitate towards how approachable you are, so make sure you are ready to be the spokesperson for your friend group. 

5. Home Fries

This unique fry choice labels you as a down-to-earth type of individual. You like partying with your friends, but you really enjoy time to yourself. You usually stay in a few nights a week in order to recuperate and catch up on the activities you like doing. Because of this, you must make an effort to keep in touch with your friends so they know you still exist after hibernating for days. 

Now that you know what your favorite types of fries say about you, will you stick to your guns or change your order?