If you're an avid Spoon reader (because, relatable!), chances are, you love food. However, not all food warrants your affection. There are some you adore, others that you detest. However, there are some that are just so polarizing that you get defensive when someone has a different opinion. Lucky for you, I've compiled a list of the 10 most polarizing foods ever for the next time you're feeling a bit controversial.

10.) Brussel sprouts

To begin the list is the food that many children hate: Brussel sprouts. As a kid, you thought that they were bitter and had a weird texture. That might hold true today, but there are avid Brussel sprout lovers that can consume the veggie as an appetizer, side, or even a main course.

9.) Mushrooms

Fungus or food? Slimy or chewy? Nasty or earthy? This delicacy is surprisingly versatile, serving as the focal point of some dishes, an hors d'oeuvres for others, and even a source of caffeine. There are plenty of reasons to love or hate mushrooms—but maybe not like this.

8.) Olives

No, I'm not talking about olive oil, because what's there to hate about a little EVOO? I'm talking about olives, the fruit so often mistaken as a veggie due to its salty flavor. Some love it in their martinis and pizza; others despise eating anything that dares to even touch these little spheres of controversy.

7.) Pickles

"You're in a pickle" is a phrase used to indicate being in a tough position, and being on either side of this debate can get you in a pickle. Avid pickle lovers swear by its unique tang and health properties, while haters claim that they're evil

6.) Wasabi

Drake once said, "I love your sushi roll/ hotter than wasabi," which is precisely the reason why wasabi is so polarizing. Wasabi is an ingredient that has the potential to complement foods like sushi and more innovative ways like eggs or potatoes, but it can overpower and scald your tastebuds.

5.) Licorice

To be honest with you, I don't really know what licorice is. All I know is that 1.) it's chewy and bittersweet and 2.) half of my friends can't seem to get enough them (Red Vines vs. Twizzlers is a serious debate) while the other half laments its existence, especially in Jelly Belly form.

4.) Vegemite

If you haven't had Vegemite, let me introduce you to its little realm. It's an Australian spread that's usually consumed for breakfast on toast with butter. It's known for being incredibly salty and packed with vitamin B. However, that doesn't stop the haters from claiming that it should be banned from the breakfast table.

3.) Mayonnaise 

Mayonnaise is an essential ingredient in numerous recipes such as chicken salad and even this grilled cheese. It's spread on sandwiches to make them *moist* and can be used as a dip for fries. However, it doesn't come without protest. It's #3 on the list because not only do people dislike its eggy flavor, but some people actually have an irrational fear of it.

2.) Cilantro

I couldn't make a list of the most polarizing foods without including cilantro. Some people love adding it to everything: guac, salsa, rice, and even just as a garnish to make your food look more fancy. Others, not so much. They hold a deep-seated hatred for its pungent flavor, and not because they're picky. There's actually a scientific explanation on why you love or hate cilantro, so blame your genes when you get into an argument about this herb.

1.) Pineapple on pizza

To top off the list is the most impassioned food debate of all time: pineapple on pizza. The sides seem to be evenly split, and equally decisive. One proclaims that this fruit belongs on pizza because its sweetness balances with the saltiness of the other ingredients, signaling chemical process in our brain; the other declares the fruit unnecessary, because pizza is supposed to be a savory dish, so its integrity shouldn't be disrupted. Maybe hold off on ordering a pineapple pizza if you're trying to maintain the peace within your friend group.

So, there you have it. The 10 most polarizing foods ever. Play devil's advocate and defend a food that you hate. Sprinkle some cilantro on your arch nemesis's tacos. Or stuff your face with pineapple pizza slathered with mayo and Vegemite. Just enjoy it while you're at it.