Mushrooms are pretty cool. We share 30% of our DNA with them, breath in mushroom spores pretty much all day long, and take medicine that contains them. As much as many of us love to eat mushrooms, we can all admit that we maybe don’t know too much about their medicinal properties.

Enter Four Sigmatic, based in Finland, and specializing in taking medicinal mushrooms and making them a part of our favorite drinks. Four Sigmatic boasts the superfood-like nature of mushrooms and their innovation of getting people healthy without adding more vitamin capsules to their diets. The company took what they’re calling “nature’s best kept health secret” and turned it into something for all to enjoy.

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According to Harvard University’s School of Public Health, Americans spend over $40 billion per year on coffee, with 54% of the over-18 population drinking roughly 3 cups per day. That’s why there was no better place to go with the mushrooms, and soon, the Four Sigma products were born.

Four Sigma offers a few different varieties of coffee with different mushrooms. The first has Lion’s Mane, a mushroom which has neuro-regenerative properties, which can help with memory and prevent Alzheimer’s. Some studies show that Lion’s mane can even lower levels of anxiety and depression while improving ability to concentrate.

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Another coffee mix contains Chaga and Cordyceps, which can improve heart function, lung function, fatigue and tired legs, and endurance and stamina. Measured against other superfoods, Chaga mushrooms contain higher antioxidant levels than quinoa, higher amounts of chitin (an important polysaccharide), and have roughly the same levels of folic acid and vitamin D as avocados.

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Not only will these mushroom coffee mixes satisfy your coffee cravings, but they’ll also help you concentrate and boost your energy without jitters later on. Plus, if you aren’t really in the coffee mood but still want the medicinal effects of the mushrooms, you can try Four Sigmatics awesome lemonade, smoothie, or hot cocoa blends.

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