I'll be honest, I'm not much of a candy lover. I don't typically crave a candy bar or feel the need to gorge myself on sweets. There is, however, one candy that I cannot pass up: licorice. Whether I'm picking out candy for a road trip or an afternoon at the movies, I always go for licorice. Although I pretend to browse through the selection of chocolates and other gummies, in the end I find myself with a bag of licorice in hand. Well, two bags. And then I'm faced with the troubling question, Red Vines vs. Twizzlers?


I absolutely love the variety that Twizzlers has to offer. From the addicting pull-n-peels to Twizzler bites to a multitude of flavors, they've got something for everyone. But although there are plenty of options, there is something about that waxy texture that I can't get over. And do they really think their strawberry flavor is accurate? I'm not saying it's terrible, but calling it strawberry is definitely a stretch. Despite these cons, Twizzlers has plenty of licorice lovers willing to fight for them any day. Brownie points for that.

Red Vines

Unlike Twizzlers, Red Vines have kept to the classic flavors of "original red" and black licorice. Although you can buy grape and strawberry off their website, those flavors are not typically sold in stores. Unfortunately Red Vines don't keep as long and become stale pretty quickly...but then again maybe it's because there are no preservatives. With their distinct classic flavor, Red Vines too have some pretty passionate fans.

So Who is the True Winner?

Whether you're a licorice fan or not, I'm sure you've had this conversation with someone at one point in your life. And if you haven't, well just wait, the topic can get pretty heated. Personally, I'll be walking out of the store with Red Vines every time. There's no huge reason behind my decision other than I like "classic red" flavor more than Twizzlers "strawberry", but which ever you choose I'm sure you're equally as passionate about your decision, and all for some licorice. So, Red Vines vs. Twizzlers? You decide.