Remember as a kid when eating breakfast for dinner was literally the only thing better than pizza night? It was a hyped up, once-per-month meal involving a massive stack a chocolate chip pancakes, scrambled eggs and bacon. It turns out our moms were onto something with this one because some breakfast foods really shouldn't be eaten for breakfast after all.

1. Bacon

bacon, pork, meat, sausage, beef, barbecue
Andrew Zaky

I know we all love bacon with our eggs, but that whole idea is a marketing scam. Edward Bernays, a famous advertiser, was hired by a bacon company in the 1920s to, well, increase demand of bacon.

After a "study" was confirmed by doctors, Bernays tricked the American people into thinking that bacon with their eggs was necessary. Guess what? It's not. And there are many other ways to eat the greasy strips.

2. Biscuits and Gravy

chicken, gravy, biscuits, sauce
Emily Bulla

Biscuits and Gravy are an American classic, but really, who on earth wants to eat them for breakfast? The most obvious thing to do after you eat this heavy meal is take a long nap. Doesn't seem appropriate considering you just woke up for the morning, does it? So yes, even these delicious breakfast combos must go.

3. Doughnuts

doughnut, chocolate, sprinkles
Colleen Kilburn

I'm definitely not the first person to question why doughnuts aren't more popular as dessert than breakfast. Eating doughnuts shouldn't be part of a morning routine because honestly, no one needs all that sugar in the morning. We should save these frosted rolls for when we desperately need an afternoon or after dinner treat.

4. Juice

juice, cocktail, sweet, orange juice, smoothie, ice
Jocelyn Hsu

After 6-12 hours of sleep (depending on how much you value your sanity), the last thing you need is anything but water. You essentially neglected yourself of water the whole night and now you're going to wake up in the morning and drink a sugar-stacked drink that isn't going to quench your thirst OR prepare you for the day. It just seems wrong.

In fact, juice can even be worse for you than soda, which is a definite reason to ban it from our "breakfast" menu.

5. Vegemite

coffee, sweet, chocolate
Lauren Thiersch

I totally understand that vegemite on toast is an Australian classic, but why on earth would you want your breath smelling like that nasty yeast spread all day?

Unless you wake up without snoozing your alarm clock and have time to eat breakfast at home (and brush your teeth) rather than after you've left, vegemite is no doubt going to make your breath smell for the rest of the day. Let's pass on this one for brekkie. 

6. Bagels

bread, bun, wheat, pastry, dough, flour, sweet, bagel
Lauren Lim

Not only are bagels not the best choice for a meal that is supposed to start your day strong, but bagels can be eaten at any other meal. Save the best for last, right?

Don't waste your daily bagel consumption right in the morning. Save yourself that delicious bagel sandwich for lunch as a reward for making it through your tough morning. It's just not right to eat such a great food at such a groggy time of day.

7. Bananas

banana, vegetable
Jocelyn Hsu

The magnesium in bananas makes people tired, so that on-the-go breakfast food shouldn't be a breakfast food after all. Skip putting this fruit in your cereal in the morning because it's basically contradicting all the coffee you're about to chug to get through your morning.

People eat some oddities for breakfast — especially in America where we are known for our outlandish morning meal. But TBH, some breakfast foods just aren't meant to be eaten in the morning... or at all.