The world is a wild, weird, and wonderful place and there is certainly no shortage of amazing destinations to explore. However, once you finally pick a spot to head to on your next trip, your work is far from over. Now you have to plan activities, sightseeing, and most importantly, the food you will eat. Checking out a food Instagram from the city you are traveling to is the perfect way to get started researching the coolest spots.

While planning out every little detail and every minute of your trip is definitely not a good idea, having a few restaurants in mind can be useful. Here are some of my favorites from cities all over the globe.

New York City: @New_Fork_City

New Fork City has all the intel on the hottest restaurants in Manhattan and Brooklyn. Spoon Lafayette interviewed one of the founders in 2015, and they have grown even more since then.

Prague: @Prague_Food

This food Instagram features gorgeous overhead shots of some of the coolest places in Prague. From mouthwatering brunches to tasty tacos, they cover it all.

Shanghai: @ShanghaiGirlEats

Shanghai Girl is a gal who loves to eat. She eats everywhere from the city's top restaurants to little hole in the wall spots, and she chronicles her experiences both on her food Instagram and on her blog.

London: @LdnCheapEat

There's no denying that London is an expensive city, so this food Instagram is extremely useful. Everything posted goes for £8 or less! Spend the rest of your money on shopping, of you know, dessert. 

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Paris: @ClotildeNet

Clotilde is Parisian chef whose blog, "Chocolate and Zucchini," has reached international acclaim. Although she posts her own creations on Instagram, she also posts lots of photos of Paris's best hidden gems.

Tel Aviv: @Telaveat

Telaveat is a restaurant recommendation site that keeps track of all the best new openings in the foodie city, so it goes without saying that their Insta is divine.

Amsterdam: @AmsterdamFoodGuide

I studied abroad in Amsterdam and @AmsterdamFoodGuide was my go-to source for all the best brunch spots and cafes in the city. They never fail to post photos from quality spots.

Chicago: @ChicagoFoodAuthority

Chicago Food Authority knows all the best spots in the Windy City. From doughnuts to deep dish, rest assured that any of the places on this account are delicious.

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San Francisco: @CynEats

San Fran is fast becoming one of the best foodie cities in the country. From burgers to ice cream and everything in between, the city has it all, and so does this account.

Los Angeles: @MissFoodieProblems

Miss Foodie Problems will keep you on top of all the trends in LA and the surrounding area. She posts gorgeous photos of her brunches and the food she eats at various events.

Boston: @BostonFoodies

Boston Foodies will guide you to the best local eateries that the Boston area has to offer. They are also a great resource for new openings.

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Washington DC: @DCFoodPorn

DC Food Porn is the place to look for high quality photos from DC's hottest spots. But if one Instagram isn't enough for you, check out these other DC Foodstagrams.

Mexico City: @GastroGrammx

Mexico City has some incredible culinary options and this account shows some of the trendiest and most delicious foods in the city. The founder of this account, Christian Martinez, says he eats a lot, but shares only his favorites.

Lima: @GastonAcurio 

Gaston Acurio is one of the most famous chefs in Peru and his account showcases his amazing food, along with other dishes from around the capital city.

Buenos Aires: @Food_in_BA

Food in BA is an amazing account full of pictures from the best eateries in the capital of Argentina. From appetizers to sushi, they cover everything in the city.

Stockholm: @Stockholmfood

If you're heading to Sweden, look no further than this account for all the best restaurants, cafes and bars in Stockholm. Founder Rebecca Brage also has a blog and a YouTube channel if you need or want more reviews. 

#SpoonTip: If you are looking to get cozy with a pastry, check out this guide for the best Fika in the city.

Copenhagen: @MadAboutCopenhagen

Copenhagen is definitely a food lover's paradise. They might even have the best brunch in the world. This account explores the city through its amazing eats.

Reykjavík: @RaxelRaxel

This account shows all the best local finds in Iceland's capital city. Plane tickets to Iceland are cheaper than ever recently, so take advantage while you can. Don't miss a chance to explore this amazing country through its unique food.

Barcelona: @BarcelonaFoodExperience

Tapas, sangria and paella, oh my! Barcelona is a city with diverse (and delicious) food options, and this account can help guide you through the ample choices.

Berlin: @BerlinFoodStories

Berlin is home to many unique and original food experiences. From beers, to burgers, to fish dishes, this account will make you ready to eat your way through the German capital.

Tokyo: @TokyoFoodie

Tokyo Foodie gives you an inside look at some of the best restaurants in Tokyo. The account is especially useful because they give frank, honest reviews of all the places they visit, which makes it easier to find the best spots.

Vienna: @ViennaEats

If you're craving coffee, gelato, or a good salad, look no further than this account. They know all the best spots to eat in Vienna, but if you want more information about eating in the city, check out this Spoon contributor's experience with the food there.

Rome: @KatieParla

Katie Parla is a food writer living in Rome and she knows how to treat herself to pasta. Her posts feature gorgeous Italian dishes from restaurants and events in the foodie city.

Lisbon: @LisbonFoodGuide

The people who brought us Amsterdam Food Guide are at it again with this guide to Lisbon. Portugal is one of the hottest places to travel right now, so prepare for your trip by checking out their pics.

Taipei: @HungryinTaipei

Dumplings and noodles take center stage in this account that has been posting amazing photos from around the city since 2005. The founder of the account, Joan, doesn't seem to miss a beat.

Seoul: @SeoulFoodie

If you want to taste all the best foods that Seoul has to offer, look no further than the places on this account. Side note: Seoul also has some amazing ice cream shops that serve up flavors unique to the city that you definitely need to check out while you're there.

Sydney: @TheJugernauts

From great BBQ to perfect pizza, this city down under is no stranger to incredible cuisine. The Jugernauts post high quality images of the greatest foods Sydney has to offer. 

Singapore: @MissTamChiak

This account is run by a food stylist based in Singapore, so you know the photos are going to be perfect, every. single. time. She features images of some of the island nation's most popular restaurants.

Dubai: @WhereMyFoodAt

If this account doesn't get you excited for your trip to Dubai, I don't know what will. The account has won numerous awards for their inspiring images of Dubai's culinary delights.

Bali: @BaliFood

Bali is a tropical paradise with incredible food. This account showcases the best chefs and restaurants in Bali, in perfectly composed images.

Cape Town: @FoodCapeTown

Cape Town has no shortage of incredible, fresh dishes and this account posts photos from some of the city's best spots. If you want even more inspo, check out the 50 most amazing dishes in the city.

These are just some of my personal favorite food Instagrams from around the world. Before you travel anywhere, do your research and make a list of the foods you want to check out. Then of course, get ready to 'gram the beautiful dishes and experiences yourself, and you're well on your way to becoming an influencer.