Tired of your usual Ramen? Need some inspiration? Here are some must-follow DC Food Instagrams to fuel your food creativity. 


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This DC food lover and nutritional medicine student fills her Instagram with beautiful photos of creamy green smoothies, healthy recipes and yummy SweetGreen salad. Scroll through for some great healthy meal ideas, and for the occasional cute puppy pic!



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If you’re not hungry yet, browsing this Instagram will make you ravenous. Drool over some of DC’s finest meals and the Instagramer’s own inspiring concoctions.


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Itching for a fun date night, but don’t know where to go? Check out this Instagram feed for restaurant inspiration from all over DC.



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This food editor for the Washington City Paper makes everyone jealous of her job with her Instagram pictures. A few minutes of scrolling through her feed will leave you running all over DC to find the restaurants that she features.


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This Instagram run by two DC college students has us all jealous of their eats. Who can resist drooling over Baked & Wired Cupcakes? Their posts range from brunches, to donuts, sandwiches and scrumptious sweets all to be found around DC.

No need to feel guilty for these Instagram indulgences. Plus, if you tag some of them in your own foodstagrams, you may be lucky enough to be featured by #SpoonAU!