Copenhagen, home of Michelin Star restaurants, Noma and Geranium, has more than price fixe dinners and tasting menus for locals and tourist alike. When winter days are short and it's tough to get out of bed in the morning, Copenhagen's restaurant scene makes it easier. The city is packed with unique brunch restaurants, from trendy spots in the city center to bakeries that embrace "hygge" - the Danish way of cozy living - tucked away in cute neighborhoods.  Copenhagen brunch offers something for everyone.

1. Nordic ingredients with a twist

Laura Broderick

No omelettes with greasy homefries here. Think organic Vesterhavsost cheese with homemade gooseberry jam and smoked salmon with horseradish cream. Restaurants like Mad & Kaffe and Wulff & Konstali offer menus where you cam choose three, five, or seven items among categories like Fruits and Vegetables, Meat and Fish, Dairy, and Bakery Treats. 

2. Everyone can find something to eat.

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Laura Broderick

Although Denmark is known for their pork and seafood, they certainly don't have a problem catering to vegan and vegetarian diets. Brunch restaurants are no exception, like the blueberry soy yogurt and fresh blueberries and organic muesli offered at Mad & Kaffe. Menus are clearly labeled for gluten free, lactose free, and every other dietary restriction or allergy you can think of.

3. Bread, bread, and more bread.

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Diana Ghidanac

But not the white country style or cinnamon raisin you get at your average diner. Rugbrød, Danish dark rye bread, is a little sour and not very sweet. Usually made with a cracked rye and a mix of grains and seeds, it's hard and dense on the outside, but soft and chewy in the middle. It's a perfect base for sweet jam, a pat of butter, or creamy avocado.

4. More than just the food.

Copenhagen's brunch restaurants are scattered throughout the city, and sometimes they're even tucked away on side streets. Walking to brunch lends itself to exploring more of the city and getting to know each area - from trendy Nørrebro to hip funky Vesterbro. Each place has a unique vibe, as well as a few parks to hang around when the weather is nice, so mornings can easily extend after brunch.

Even though brunch in Copenhagen may take a little more from your wallet than you would like, the food is totally worth the extra few dollars. Whether it's late morning or early afternoon, in the dead of winter or the peak of summer, any traveler in Copenhagen can't miss out on the incredible brunch experience the city has to offer.