1. Your go-to breakfast is:

A) A smoothie bowl

B) Granola

C) Fresh fruit

D) Egg in hole toast

E) Avocado Toast

F) Parfait

2. Your favorite drink is:

A) Kombucha

B) Water

C) Tea

D) Mimosa

E) Coffee

F) Fresh Juice

3. Your friends would describe you as:

A) A hipster

B) Chill

C) A health nut

D) The life of the party

E) Funny

F) Trendy

4. On the weekend you are:

A) At the bars

B) Chilling with friends

C) Working out

D) At a party

E) At a concert

F) At a club downtown

5. Your go to party drink is:

A) Arnold Palmer

B) Vodka lemonade

C) Sangria

D) Tequila Shots

E) Rum and Coke

F) Margarita 

6. Your favorite ice cream flavor is:

A) Cinnamon Horchata

B) Mint Chocolate Chip

C) Green tea

D) Rainbow sherbert

E) Avocado

F) White chocolate with berries

7. Your go to snack is:

A) Trail Mix

B) Yogurt

C) Fruit

D) Goldfish

E) Veggie chips

F) Banana with nut butter

If you answered mostly A's: Açaí Bowl

Your friends would describe you as the hipster of the group. Always knowing the latest trends before they were cool, and then putting your own spin on them. Açaí bowls and listening to records are two of your favorite things. 

If you answered mostly B's: Nice Cream

You are always down for simple but amazing foods like Banana Nice Cream. You are the chill friend in the group. Always down to kick it and jam to some music, or party it up. 

If you answered mostly C's: Kale

You are a total health nut. Eating right has always been a part of your life and now that kale is one of the trendiest foods, you are loving every second of it. You are more of the mom friend of the group, rather than the 'dancing on tables' type, but you are always ready to try new things.

If you answered mostly D's: Rainbow Food

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Just like rainbow food, you have a very colorful personality. You are always ready to go on an adventure and bring a little color into the world. You're the life of the party and you always put yourself out there for everyone to see.

If you answered mostly E's: Avocados on Everything

You are the funny one in the group, just like how avocados joke about being a veggie when they are a fruit. You cannot get enough of avocados whether it is avocado toast or avocado ice cream—you are all about it.

If you answered mostly F's: Pressed Juices

You are always looking at the latest trends and know everything and anything. You are constantly on the look out for the new "it" thing, like pressed juices.