The streets of Seoul are lined with cafes filled with locals looking to have coffee and dessert. With this trend has come the rise of ice cream parlors, perfect for those looking to hide from the summer heat. You won’t be able to find some of these kinds of ice creams anywhere else in the world – if you find yourself in Seoul be sure to get your fix.

1. Remicone


Photo courtesy of @sinvely_ on Instagram

Remicone is popular for its quirky soft serves topped with French crepes and chocolate syrup syringes. Try the Thunder Bomb: organic milk soft serve topped with fluffy cotton candy. Other ice cream flavors include salted caramel and chocolate, and toppings range from honeycombs to crushed hazelnuts.

You can find the parlor at Garosugil.

2. Sweet Monster


Photo courtesy of @rachelays on Instagram

Sweet Monster is popular for its ginormous popcorn-covered ice creams. Not a fan of popcorn? Go for the cookie mountain: soft serve coated in oreo crumbs and chocolate syrup.

You can find Sweet Monster at Garosugil, but the franchise has locations all over Korea and even abroad.

3. Fell + Cole


Photo courtesy of @simu.simu_ on Instagram

Fell + Cole offers the strangest selection of flavors, ranging from Lebanese Rosewater to Burnt Caramel with Smoked Sea Salt. The parlor offers 12 new flavors every single day and even offers vegan ice creams. It has one of the most consistent flow of patrons day in and day out, making it one of the most well-known ice cream parlors in Seoul.

You can find Fell + Cole near Hongik University.

4. Sobok


Photo courtesy of @im_hungryalways on Instagram

Sobok is popular for its delicious rice grain ice creams. Try the green tea soft serve, which is adorned with sliced pumpkin, dried persimmon and rice cakes. The parlor also offers “ice cream balls,” which are condensed spheres of ice cream rolled in green tea powder.

You can find Sobok near Hongik University.

5. Baekmidang 1964


Photo courtesy of @mihyang72 on Instagram

Baekmidang 1964 offers only two flavors: organic milk and soy milk. The parlor sources its ingredients directly from local farms, making incredibly creamy, delicious soft serve. There is also a variety of toppings to choose from, making it the perfect dessert.

You can find Baekmidang at the Apgujeong Hyundai Department Store, Yeongdeungpo Times Square, and the Hyundai Department Store in COEX Mall.

6. Milkcow


Photo courtesy of @oaviaodepapel on Instagram

Milkcow offers organic milk soft serve with the most amazing toppings. The parlor’s signature ice cream is the Milkcube, which is milk ice cream topped with a honeycomb. If you’d like something sweeter, order the Snowdrop: soft serve over a bed of jelly beans, topped with cotton candy.

You can find Milkcow at Gangnam Station, but the franchise has locations all over Asia and even in Australia.

7. Molly’s Pops


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Molly’s Pops specializes in handmade popsicle ice creams. Flavors range from wasabi to Korean rice wine, which may seem daunting at first, but Molly’s Pops always manages to pull it off.

For the less adventurous, try the milk tea or blueberry yogurt popsicles. You can find the store near Hongik University.

8. Solid Works


Photo courtesy of @hyejinkeem on Instagram

Although liquid nitrogen ice cream is an ending trend in Seoul, Solid Works remains a popular destination in Shinchon. New flavors are offered every single day, ranging from mojito to pistachio, and the ice cream is even placed over a block of dry ice so it can stay cool throughout the entire day.

You can find Solid Works near Ewha Womans University.