Finding a good deal in a new city can be daunting. Boston is a big city, and finding the best places to eat takes a bit of research. These are the best secret menu hacks Boston has to offer.  Whether you're a local or just visiting, you won't want to skip out on taking advantage of these. 

1. Georgetown Cupcake

Every day, Georgetown Cupcake tweets out a secret flavor of cupcake that isn't on their menu. Only 100 of these secret cupcakes are given out at each location. Customers have to hurry to their nearest Georgetown Cupcake early in the day to try the secret cupcake.

To order the cupcake, you have to whisper the name of the flavor when you get up to the counter. Make sure you don't speak too loud, or they might not give it to you.

2. Quincy Market

Quincy Market is a popular place to go for an enormous variety of Boston fare, but you might not know about this cool hack. On Wednesday at lunchtime, head down to the market and check out the International Food Festival. All food stalls labeled with "The Taste of Quincy Market" offer free food. 

3. Scoozi

For all the pizza fanatics out there, Scoozi Boston has a super special deal. If you know to ask for it, you can order an entire pizza for cheap.

The price of the pizza is the time at which you order it. Order a pizza at 6:00pm, for example, and it only costs $6.

4. Dunkin' Donuts

As anyone from Boston knows, Bostonians take their professional sports incredibly seriously. Any time after the Patriots win, you can score a Dunkin' Donuts coffee for just 87 cents in Boston. To get the deal, you just have to be a DD Perks member. 

5. Area Four

Area Four in Cambridge is known for having amazing pizza. It was once featured on the Food Network's show "Best Ever", so you already know the pizza is the real deal. 

This restaurant also offers a secret pizza, which changes each day according to the chef's mood. In the past, they've had combos such as white clam with bacon, and scrambled eggs with basil. Who knows what the head chef will come up with next, you'll have to head there to find out for yoursel