Ready for college? As much as you are excited for that first apartment you're about to move into and finally being on your own, it's best to be prepared for what's coming. You don't want to be the one to realize that there's no salt in the middle of cooking one day, do you? To save you some time, I've put together this first apartment grocery list, so just remember to bring it with you when you go grocery shopping.

1. Eggs

egg yolk, chicken, egg
Jocelyn Hsu

Eggs are one of the best sources of nutrients. They provide high-quality protein, and are rich in almost everything you need. 

The thing about eggs is they play an incredible role in cooking. Not only are there a lot of ways to cook eggs by themselves, but they are also crucial in many recipes. You can start your day with bacon and egg breakfast muffins, try some Chinese scrambled eggs with tomatoes out for lunch, or even the Tunisian-style Shakshouka for dinner.

2. Milk and OJ

Tiffany Gao

Milk and orange juice are healthy among all the choices of drinks, and pair with almost everything. They are perfect breakfast items, especially when you don't have much time to prepare breakfast in the morning.

When you are tired of plain milk, you are still faced with numerous options like chocolate milk, soy milk, almond milk, rice milk, and so on. Now let's be frank here, chocolate milk is the best comfort drink when endless rounds of exams are ahead of you.

3. Crackers

pastry, bread, cracker, cookie, candy, wheat, sweet
Eris Rolves

If you're like me and can't focus on studying unless a bag of snack is within arm's reach, then you'd better put crackers in your shopping cart. If you're looking for a little twist, here are some delicious cheese crackersPB & graham crackers, and Rolo & Ritz mini sandwiches that take literally less than 10 minutes to prepare.

4. Peanut butter and Jelly

peanut butter and jelly sandwich, pb&j, slice, wheat, bit, jelly, jam, bread, butter, sandwich, peanut, peanut butter
Caroline Ingalls

What is the perfect ratio of peanut butter to jelly? I would go with more peanut butter than jelly, but you will have a whole year, or even longer, to test this out. When you're tired of PB&J, here are 10 ways to elevate it. Or, just peanut butter is enough for a ton of new, exciting recipes.

5. Oil and Butter

whisky, wine, alcohol, beer, liquor
Betsy Chilcoat

If you've never cooked in your life, it's time to start. Oil and butter are essential to avoid blowing up the kitchen. The one who forgot cooking spray when making a waffle and completely messed up the waffle machine in the cafeteria? Been there, done that. Whatever you cook, oil the pan. 

#SpoonTip: Vegetable oil is great for baking and olive oil is the most versatile when sautéing. 

6. Cereal

Emily Genzer

How can you live a complete life without a shelf full of cereals? You can't. They are a quick breakfast item, an easy snack option, and highly instagrammable if you do it right. We will teach you how to make a fancy dessert out of those $4 box of cereals.

7. Canned tomatoes

macaroni, vegetable, sauce, tomato, pasta, spaghetti
Megan Prendergast

For some reason, I could always find cans of tomatoes on the basement shelf, hence I think it's necessary to have enough stocked in your apartment. When you suddenly decide to make pasta for lunch that one day, you will be thankful.

8. Pasta

Alexandra Tringali

Well, you can't really have canned tomatoes by themselves. They must serve for your al dente pasta. Again, easiest lunch and dinner option ever.

9. Spices and Condiments

Christin Urso

Salt, sugar, vinegar, pepper, ketchup, and Sriracha... The world becomes a much more beautiful place when you start adding your spices and condiments (in the right amount). Buy them when you first move in because, believe it or not, they don't just rain from the sky when you need them.

10. Salad Dressing

lettuce, cheese, spinach, tomato, vegetable, salad
Bernard Wen

When you open up the salad package but there's only the dressing you hate... You're better off always stocking your favorite salad dressing in your own fridge.

11. Flour

Victoria Guo

For those who like to cook and bake, flour is a necessary part of life. Homemade pancakes for breakfast, pizza for lunch, and lamb and potatoes for dinner will all be possible.

12. Baking Soda

salt, sweet, milk
Jedd Marrero

If you think that baking soda is just for baking, then nope, you've got it all wrong. In fact, baking soda is quite convenient for cleaning, neutralizing smells, and more. With baking soda, there's no need to call mom next time you spill coffee on yourself.

13. Nutella

coffee, cookie, chocolate
Alina Edep

Upset over your exam grade? Stressed out about upcoming midterms and finals? It's time for Nutella to do its magic. Take a study break and make these raspberry Nutella mug pies. You will come back to life with a much lifted spirit.

14. Bread

bread, chicken
Alex Frank

Yep, I lived my finals week on bread and peanut butter, and I suggest that you do NOT do the same. That being said, bread can do a lot more than holding lettuce and meat together in a sandwich. How about a broccoli and cheese soup bread bowl that tastes just like Panera Bread, if not better?

15. Chips and Salsa

dip, Tortilla, Chip, bread, pepper, sauce, vegetable, chili, tomato, salsa
Caroline Ingalls

Now repeat after me: snack time is the best time. Chips and salsa make the perfect study companion. Here's how you figure out what your favorite salsa would be.

16. Tea

jam, oil, tea
Jocelyn Hsu

Drinking tea on a sunny afternoon is one of best methods of de-stressing. It helps calm your nerves and is loaded with catechins as well as antioxidants, which will strengthen your immune system. If you're not sure about which type to buy, here is a complete guide to tea drinking.

Like any grocery list, you know that once you get to the supermarket, you're going to realize you need to add at least four more things. But once you're done shopping, grab your favorite snack and drink, and enjoy the days before school officially begins!