It’s that time of year again — fireworks, American flags, and a plethora of hot dogs and hamburgers. While a July 4th BBQ is a tradition in many American households, it tends to come without many options for those of us who opt not to eat meat. In the past, Spoon University has done a roundup of some great plant-based meat alternatives. However, if you’d rather create a dish from scratch, here are some recipes for vegetarian and vegan dishes that would make for a great addition to any Fourth of July vegetarian BBQ you might be attending.

Black Bean Burgers

Angela Kerndl

Since hamburgers are a cookout staple, it only seems right to start off my recipe roundup with this vegan alternative. In recent years, plenty of brands have hopped on the meat-alternative train, so there are plenty of store-bought veggie burgers to choose from. But wouldn’t it be more fun to make your own veggie burger from scratch? This recipe for a black bean and sweet potato-centered burger is a tasty vegetarian meal that you can feel proud to have cooked up all by yourself.

Buffalo Cauliflower Wings

Haley Porter

Wings are a meat-lovers staple, and I’ve watched relatives swap varying recipes over the years trying to create the perfect barbecue wing for our family's Fourth of July BBQ. While I never really understood the excitement behind chicken wings when I actually ate meat as a child, now as a vegetarian adult, I understand the hype. I think cauliflower wings are immaculate, and this buffalo-style recipe is no exception.

Pulled Jackfruit

Sara Klimek

If you thought a vegetarian pulled pork alternative would be impossible to create, think again! Jackfruit is a fairly common protein source for vegans and vegetarians, and it works perfectly as a sub-in for pork in this recipe laden with sriracha and barbecue sauce. Pulled jackfruit is the perfect dish to put in your sliders during your BBQ this year.

Mango Coleslaw Sliders

Miranda Reilly

Another version of a meatless slider is this tasty mango coleslaw dish. While the recipe is originally strictly vegetarian, the mayonnaise that the recipe calls for could easily be substituted for a vegan alternative, thereby making it vegan-friendly as well.

Dietary-Restriction-Friendly Mac ‘n’ Cheese

Laura Lau

Another staple of a successful cookout is a big old serving of macaroni and cheese. It is a beloved comfort dish, and it’s certainly possible to make it not only vegan-friendly, but gluten-free as well. With these qualifiers in mind, it seems as though everyone attending your BBQ will be able to eat this delicious vegan and gluten-free take on mac ‘n’ cheese.

Vegan Potato Salad

Jody Brimacombe

The final Fourth of July BBQ staple is potato salad, and it’s no secret that the recipe typically calls for mayonnaise among other non-vegan ingredients. This delicious avocado potato salad is the perfect substitute for the typical egg-heavy dish, allowing both vegans and meat-eaters alike to enjoy a tasty, starchy salad.