Vegan versions of classically un-vegan foods can either be incredibly satisfying and flavorful, or very meh, depending on which you've tried. As a vegan of four-ish years and a vegetarian/lactose intolerant human of 19 years, I've tried many faux meat and dairy products on the market. And after years of trial and error, I've established some clear favorites.

When shopping for a barbecue, it's important to find products that are not only delicious and crowd-pleasing, but also grill-able. Many veggie burgers and hot dogs are very low in fat and tend to dry out when they go directly from the freezer to the grill. Thus, I've highlighted some tried and true grill-able products, and made some preparation suggestions for other delicious products to improve their outcomes when grilled. 

In addition to veggie burgers and sausages, I've suggested some delicious sides, appetizers, and a few desserts to round out your platter. This post is not sponsored or exhaustive, but is rather a list of recommendations based off my tastebud's preferences (I also tried to keep ease of accessibility in mind).

So take this list with you on your next vegan BBQ shopping haul, try some new things, and prepare to be delighted. 


1. Amy's Black Bean Veggie Burger

Amy's is basically what sustained me throughout my awkward vegetarian youth. Amy's makes delicious plant-based frozen foods, and their veggie burgers are no exception. These veggie burgers are packed with beans and spices, and taste outstanding on a bun with some avocado, lettuce, and tomatoes. If you're less into faux-meats and more into tasty veggie patties, these are for you.

#SpoonTip: I would suggest microwaving these for a minute and finishing them on the grill to prevent them from drying out. 

2. The Beyond Burger

This patty is thick, rich, extremely filling, and scarily like real meat. If you're looking for the flavors, textures, and mouthfeel of a real beefy burger, get the Beyond Meat Beyond Burger. If you're not into veggie burgers tasting like meat (personally I've grown more fond of patties that taste like not meat), pick something else.

3. Amy's Quarter Pound Veggie Burger

Another Amy's win. If you want something less bean-y and more meat-y, grab a pack of these. They're mega-satisfying, and have a deep umami flavor. Unlike a lot of other faux-meat veggie burgers, these do not in any way taste "fake" or artificial. Again, to retain moisture, I'd use the microwave/finish on grill method. But you do you!

4. Sweet Earth Terikyaki Burger

Sweet Earth makes a variety of veggie burgers in the fresh and frozen section of the grocery store. The Frozen Terikyaki version is extra scrumptious and is packed with edamame, quinoa, sweet potato, carrot, and terikayi sauce. This is great if you want something a little different in your veggie burger line up.

5. Field Roast Vegan Hand-Formed Burger

Made with barley, carrots, and celery, these veggie burgers are supremely flavorful and grill well. Top with all your favorite burger fixings and enjoy.


1. The Beyond Sausage

Beyond Sausages, like The Beyond Burgers, pack the richness and heartiness of their animal-based counterparts. Available in Original Brat, Sweet Italian, and Hot Italian, Beyond sausages are tasty and hold up shape when grilled. When served on a bun with some grilled onions, peppers, and condiments, this sausage will satisfy even the meatiest of meat-lovers. 

#SpoonTip: For more info about Beyond Sausages, check out my initial review of this vegan alternative. 

2. Field Roast Sausages

Field Roast makes delicious vegan sausages, and they're pretty easy to find (even Target carries them). I'm a fan of the Italian and Mexican Chipotle flavors, but they also carry Smoked Apple Sage and 'classic' Frankfurter varieties. These grill well and are great paired with all your favorite condiments or topped with vegan chili.

3. Tofurky Italian Sausage

Tofurky Sausages are fairly easy to find in grocery stores (including Trader Joe's) and are a solid, budget-friendly choice for a vegan BBQ. The flavors can be a bit powerful, but are pleasant, and thus not off-putting. These also grill well, which is a huge plus for an outdoor BBQ. 

4. Trader Joe's Soy Chorizo

If you like spicy, grab some soy chorizo at Trader Joe's. Note that it comes in one big tube, and that you may have to cut it into smaller portions to eat on a bun. 

Other Tasty Things:

1. Upton's Natural Barb-B-Que Jackfruit

Looking for a pulled-pork substitute but don't want to cook anything? Upton's Naturals makes pre-cooked, seasoned jackfruit in a variety of flavors, including Barb-B-Que, Thai Curry, Sweet and Smoky, and Sriracha. Found in the refrigerated section of many health food stores (including Whole Foods), these pre-packaged jackfruit products make for an excellent shortcut for vegan-friendly pulled pork sandwiches.

Just warm up the jackfruit, toss on a bun, and garnish with some slaw and your favorite sauce (I like to make these in slider form as an appetizer). This jackfruit is also great on tortillas for quick tacos, and/or layered into vegan nachos.

2. Gardein Chick'n Scallopini 

Marinate these "chicken" cutlets with your favorite marinade or dressing, or simply brush them with oil and pop them on the grill. Eat solo with grilled veggies, or make a grilled chicken sandwich. Gardein Chick'n Scallopini is one of the few grillable chicken products on the market, so if you're into grilled chicken or are hosting someone who is, pick some up.

3. Gardein Sweet and Tangy Barbecue Wings

The perfect finger food, Gardein sweet and tangy barbecue wings make a great addition to any vegan spread. Simply bake, plate, and serve. 

4. Field Roast Mac 'n Chao

What goes better with BBQ than mac 'n cheese? If you don't have the time to make your own from scratch, pick up some Chao. Found in the frozen section, this creamy mac 'n cheese legit tastes like creamy cheese, zero effort required. All you have to do is heat and serve.

#SpoonTip: This is extra delish with Sriracha on top.

Condiments & Dips:

1. Just For All Sriracha Mayo

Just For All Foods makes some darn tasty plant-based condiments. In addition to their signature classic mayo, they offer Sriracha, Chipotle, Garlic, and Truffle mayos. They also carry a vegan tartar sauce substitute, known as Awesome Sauce, and a vegan-friendly Ranch. 

If your recipe calls for mayo or ranch, or you want a fun condiment to add to your lineup, check out JUST brand. Bonus: JUST products tend to be on the more affordable side compared to some brands.

2. Sir Kensington's Fabanaise

Sir Kensington's makes high-quality condiments that don't taste junky like conventional versions. The Fabanaise is a mayo alternative made with aquafaba (chickpea liquid), and is available in Classic, Chipotle, and Avocado Oil. 

3. Trader Joe's Organic Ketchup and Sweet Relish

You'll never look at Heinz the same way again. Upgrade your ketchup and relish game without going broke with TJ's Organic versions. $1.99 and mighty fine.

4. Trader Joe's Spicy Chunky Guacamole

Too lazy to DIY guac? Make your life easier with Trader Joe's Spicy Chunky Guacamole. I was skeptical of pre-made guac too, but this is seriously legit.

#SpoonTip: This guac tastes amazing served with plantain chips.

5. Trader Joe's ABC+K Slaw

An epic slaw to add to any burger sammy, or to serve on its own as a fresh side salad. 

6. Follow Your Heart High Omega Vegan Ranch

It wouldn't be a BBQ without some ranch for dipping. Follow Your Heart makes a robust, dairy-free version for all the vegan ranch lovers out there. As an added bonus, their ranch is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which are important for the human diet and can be difficult for vegans to get enough of.  


1. So Delicious Dairy-free Ice Cream

You can't go wrong with So Delicious. You can find it in most grocery stores and at Target, and they carry a variety of fun flavors that are rich and satisfying to dessert lovers of all dietary patterns. My faves are Cashew Milk Snickerdoodle and Cashew Milk Salted Carmel Cluster. Both are even better than they sound. Get a pint (or five) for your BBQ.

2. So Delicious Dairy-Free Cocowhip

This stuff is incredible. It's like Cool Whip, only way better. Serve with fresh berries, and/or your favorite cake and thank me later.

 3. Oreos

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Anna Arteaga

Not because they're phenomenally awesome or anything, but more so because you can find them literally anywhere and they're a crowd-pleasing, accidentally vegan sweet snack option to have on hand.

Hosting a barbecue can be overwhelming, especially when you're trying to include options for everyone. These easy-to-obtain vegan BBQ products will make your life easier when it comes to planning your menu. Happy plant-based barbecue season!