There's no denying that brownies are one of Americans' favorite desserts. As with any food, however, there's great debate as to where you can find the best brownies in America. 

Whether you prefer yours fudgey or cakey, with or without chocolate chips, and frosted or plain, there are plenty of bakeries across the United States to choose from. 

Here is an unofficially unbiased roundup of the best brownies in America so that you can get your chocolate fix, no matter what state you're in. 

Alabama: Chez Lulu

Located in Birmingham, Chez Lulu is the cafe that pairs with The Continental Bakery. If you stop by, be sure to order the Turtle Sundae for a decadent treat. A Belgian chocolate brownie is topped with caramel, creme anglaise, chocolate sauce, vanilla bean ice cream, and whipped cream. 

Alaska: Flying Squirrel Cafe

It's going to be hard to save room for dessert at this swanky cafe because everything is made in-house from Alaska ingredients. If, like me, you have a special stomach for dessert, be sure to order the gluten-free black brownies. 

Arizona: Urban Cookies Bakeshop

Cookies are in the name and this bakery was on "Cupcake Wars," so basically they're the best place to stop by for any dessert. Try passing up the other sweets for a double chocolate brownie with a hint of coffee. 

Arkansas: The Wooden Spoon

Located in a barn that was originally built in 1970, The Wooden Spoon has a cozy feeling to it that makes everything taste home-cooked. Their fudge brownie sundae will hit the spot any day of the week, but be sure to check the daily special and plan your visit accordingly. 

California: Beverly Hills Brownie Company

This bakery is unique in that brownies are the main focus, instead of a side thought. They have 31 unique flavor options, so you're going to have to plan multiple visits. Or, you can order them online. 

Colorado: Beet Box

You may be able to guess the secret ingredient in this bakery's signature brownie. Surprisingly, the beet brownies are even more delicious than usual and they have the added benefit of being vegan. 

Connecticut: L'escale

Although you may have to fork over a little more than you usually would for a brownie at this Greenwich restaurant, it's well worth it. Their Dame Blanche is a warm brownie topped with ice cream, chocolate sauce, and candied almonds. 

Delaware: Ubon Thai Cuisine

I know what you're thinking. Isn't a thai restaurant an odd place to order a brownie? Trust me on this one. 

Ubon Thai Cuisine happens to be home to Dana Herbert, winner of The Next Great Baker. His Death By Chocolate dessert features layers of rich brownie, dark chocolate mousse, and chocolate ganache. 

Washington DC: Baked and Wired

After eating Baked and Wired's Jolt Brownie, you're going to feel wired up and ready to conquer the world. It's an espresso-infused cream cheese brownie that will have you begging for more. Thankfully, that's only one of 10 flavors

Florida: Jaxson's Ice Cream

If you're indecisive, Jaxson's may not be a good idea for you. They offer dozens of dessert creations, most of which have massive portions. Thankfully, I can make it easy for you and say try the Fudge Brownie Sundae for your first visit. 

Georgia: Murphy's

The next time you're in Atlanta, or anywhere within driving distance, you need to stop by Murphy's for dessert. Order The Bonzo, which is a layered dessert of fudge brownie, cheesecake, and dark chocolate mousse. 

Hawaii: Pipeline Bake Shop and Creamery

Located in Kaimuki, this bakeshop seems to know pretty much everything there is to know about dessert. They're cranking out all kinds of treats from scratch, including a rich and decadent triple chocolate fudge brownie. 

Idaho: Sweet Valley Cookie Company

Cookies are in the name of this bakery, so I guess that's why they've decided to fuse them with brownies in their widely popular brookie bar. You can get one from their drive-through location in Boise

Illinois: Baker Miller

Baker Miller's name says it all. You know that a lot of love goes into their pastries because they go the extra mile by milling their own flour. Personally, I think that it's put to the best use in their rich brownie pie. 

Iowa: Molly's Cupcakes

Molly's Cupcakes may be a multi-location bakery, but nothing on the menu is just average. Their red velvet cupcake has won several awards, but I'd recommend the brownie batter cupcake for an extra special treat. It even comes topped by a miniature brownie. 

Kansas: YaYa's Euro Bistro

YaYa's Euro Bistro in Wichita puts a special twist on a brownie that I've never seen before. Their Phyllo-Wrapped Brownie sundae has an extra crunch factor that I didn't know I was missing, but won't ever want to go without again. 

Kentucky: Missy's Pies

Missy's Pies, located in Lexington, has created the ultimate hybrid of two all-American desserts. It's brownie batter in a pie crust and it's just about the richest treat in the world, especially when topped with a heaping scoop of ice cream. 

Louisiana: Breads on Oak

Bread may be in the name of this New Orleans bakery, but their brownies really are worth a special visit. When you bite into the gluten free double chocolate fudge version, you'll wonder why brownies ever had flour in them to begin with. 

Maine: Standard Baking Company

Standard Baking Company's brownies will raise the bar for everyone who gets the chance to try one. Not only are they deliciously fudgy, but you can enjoy them with a beautiful view of the Portland waterfront. 

Maryland: Midnite Confection

The timing of your visit to Midnite Confections needs to be carefully planned because they only feature 12 flavors of cupcakes each day.

Try to stop by when the Strangelove Brownie Brûlée cupcake is on the menu. It's a mashup of three delicious desserts, so it's bound to be good. 

Massachusetts: Cafe Madeleine

In a city like Boston, it's hard to make a standout dessert. There are dozens of historic bakeries cranking out family recipes in a small area. Cafe Madeleine has done this by applying the art of French cooking to the brownie. 

Michigan: The Brownie Gourmet

This Detroit bakery's motto is "Live, Love, and Eat Brownies." They can help you out with that even if you don't live in Detroit by offering a variety of gift boxes, including a Brownie of the Month Club subscription

Minnesota: Manny's Steakhouse

Manny's has won several awards for Best Steakhouse, but I'm going to give you an insider's scoop. Forget the dry-aged steak and indulge in the Manny's Brownie with Strawberries instead. Or go all out and order both, it's the perfect combination for date night. 

Mississippi: Velvet Cream

This Hernando ice cream drive through is an indecisive person's nightmare. The menu has over 250 flavor combinations, but the best part about that is you can order exactly what you want, like a fudge brownie concrete. It's basically a super thick milkshake. Who wouldn't want that?

Missouri: Bailey's Chocolate Bar

Any bar that specializes in dessert is my kind of bar, so Bailey's in St. Louis has always been on my bucket list.

The Brownie Bombe is the clear crowd favorite for dessert, featuring a kahlua brownie with salted caramel ice cream and coffee anglaise. It's the adult version of a brownie sundae. 

Montana: Brownie's Hostel and Bakery

No one, and I mean no one, is allowed to leave Brownie's Hostel without having one of her namesake desserts. For maximum enjoyment, have the Brownie's Special, a giant brownie topped with vanilla ice cream, fudge, whipped cream, nuts, and a cherry. 

Nebraska: Alotta Brownies

There's no arguing, if you stop by this Omaha bakery, you're going to be eating a whole lot of brownies. They always keep a variety of flavors on hand from candy bar to turtle pecan and creme de mint to cheesecake. 

Nevada: The Cookie Bar

The Cookie Bar is exactly what you'd expect from a bakery in Las Vegas. They serve up lots of boozy treats, including beer-infused brownies, from three different food trucks. If you'd rather skip the booze, try one of the several varieties of Kitchen Sink brownies.

New Hampshire: Vicuna Chocolate

Vicuna prides itself in being one of the only bean-to-bar chocolate makers in America. Their dedication to the quality of the chocolate really shines through in the cocoa nib brownies, a twist on the traditional chocolate chip brownie. 

New Jersey: The Flaky Tart

The rich brownies that this Atlantic Highlands shop bakes up are anything but flakey. Their unique brownie flavors like sea salt caramel and pumpkin cheesecake are seasonal, but the OG cheesecake swirl flavor is always available. 

New Mexico: Kakawa Chocolate House

Because this Santa Fe shop is most widely known for their drinking chocolates, it's the best place to go if you're a brownie dipper. You're not only allowed to dip your Mexican chile brownie in hot chocolate, but it's strongly encouraged. 

New York: Glaser's Bake Shop

If there ever was an occasion to plan a vacation to New York around a certain time of year, a trip to this 114-year-old bakery would be it. Their pumpkin spice fudge double chocolate brownies are only available around Halloween, but it's well worth the special trip. 

North Carolina: Shuckers Oyster Bar

While oysters and brownies may not seem like a match made in heaven, Shuckers Oyster Bar will have you craving the combination. You won't want to leave this restaurant without trying their Shuckers Original Brownie. 

North Dakota: Nichole's Fine Pastry

Located in Fargo, this perfectly instagrammable bakery has built itself a huge fan base by serving up pastries that taste as good as they look. For a little something different, try the Creme de Menthe Brownies. 

Ohio: Blackbird Baking Company

Although it's located in Cleveland, Blackbird Baking Company specializes in rustic european pastry and breads. Their brownies are made from scratch every day using European butter and free-range eggs. 

Oklahoma: Cuppies and Joe

Cuppies and Joe doesn't cut corners on buying the highest quality ingredients, resulting in baked goods that pack a richer flavor than you can imagine. Try the Traveler Cupcake on Wednesday or Friday for a brownie in disguise. 

Oregon: Pearl Bakery

If you're well read in the bakery world, you've probably heard of Pearl Bakery. They've won several awards and been featured in a variety of books and magazines. For a treat you won't forget anytime soon, try the raspberry swirl brownie featuring locally grown fruit. 

Pennsylvania: Cake and the Beanstalk

Cake and the Beanstalk is a truly unique bakery hidden in the heart of Philadelphia. They welcome kids with story time and coloring supplies, so you have the perfect excuse to buy one (or a dozen) of their decadent brownies and make it a family excursion. 

Rhode Island: Pastiche Fine Desserts

You may have taken the hint from this Providence bakery's name, but they're cranking out a variety of equally good-tasting and Instagram-worthy treats. Stop by with a few friends so you can try several, including the rich Chocolate Peanut Butter Brownie. 

South Carolina: Kaminsky's Baking Company

This cozy Charleston bakery makes customers feel at home with cute decor and delicious desserts. They've got a variety of sweet treats, including the ultimate Warm Dutch Cocoa Brownie Sundae. Try washing it down with one of their signature boozy concoctions. 

South Dakota: Queen City Bakery

Unfortunately, for most of the country, Sioux Falls is a bit of a long haul for a brownie. Queen City Bakery makes it worth your effort with their brownie. Not only is it double chocolate, but it's triple chocolate. 

Tennessee: Muddy's Bake Shop

I'll be honest, eating brownies is always a fun. At Muddy's Bake Shop in Memphis, it's even more fun, however, because you can tour the actual kitchen. You'll probably see the bakers making Minty Brownies, which were featured in Every Day with Rachel Ray magazine. 

Texas: LovePuppies Brownies

The name of this Austin bakery brings customers in, but it's the amazing brownies that keep them coming back. They use only the highest quality ingredients to make each flavor, with fun names like the Kentucky Screwdriver, which is rich dark chocolate, bourbon, and orange liqueur. 

Utah: Pyromaniacs Pizza

This may be the most unexpected place to find a killer brownie. It's a pizza-making food truck, but their wood-fired oven cranks out killer desserts, too. Try the Better Than... Anything Brownie, which is a normal warm brownie base topped with caramel, condensed milk, and whipped cream. 

Vermont: Flagship King Arthur Flour

There's no better place to get baked goods than straight from the source of the flour. The King Arthur Flour flagship bakery, cafe, and school cranks out all kinds of products featuring their flour, but the brownies are a clear winner. 

Virginia: Blackbird Bakery

It's easy to get carried away at Blackbird Bakery in Bristol when you look at their beautiful display case. Why choose a plain old dessert when you can have an entire brownie tower to yourself?

Washington: Bakery Nouveau

When you're walking through Seattle, chances are you'll smell some delicious bread baking. Follow your nose and you'll find Bakery Nouveau. Skip straight to dessert and get brownies baked by award-winning owner William Leaman

West Virginia: Ye Olde Alpha

This classically West Virginian restaurant is a landmark establishment in Wheeling best known by casual customers for their meat-centric dishes. Only the locals know to look beyond, to the dessert menu, for the Bridgeport Brownie.

Wisconsin: Grebe's Bakery

This landmark Milwaukee bakery has been around pretty much forever. That means they've had more than enough time to perfect their brownie recipe. That also means that you can get it for cheap, only 85 cents to be exact. 

Wyoming: Snake River Grill

Making brownies is, admittedly, an art. You need just the right combination of flour and cocoa powder, butter and sugar, to get a truly perfect dessert.

Snake River Grill has not only mastered the art of the brownie, but also the art of combining it with ice cream and dipping it in another layer of chocolate, a truly difficult task. They call the end result an Eskimo Bar. 

Now, no matter where you go, you can at least know where to get the best brownie nearby when the craving hits. How many of these bakeries can you visit?