In college, you’re constantly meeting people. However, really getting to know them on a personal level takes time. I wish there was a flashing sign over someone’s head saying “Future Best Friend” or “Will Stab You in the Back…Stay Away.”

Well… I’ve devised a fool-proof test to figure out who you should be friends with (or date, if that’s what you’re looking for right now), and it’s all based on one very important choice: your favorite dessert.

This list will tell you who you are and which type of dessert lover will be your next lover. Let the daydreaming commence:



Photo by Kelda Baljon

Ahhh, you enjoy the classics. You stick to your guns and are the complete opposite of a pushover. No one messes with you. You are headstrong, confident, and nothing will get in your way of achieving your dreams, no matter how far-fetched or outlandish they may seem.

Although you are a strong, determined person, you have quite a soft spot. If you get a break from your busy schedule, you know that nothing fixes a bad day like a box of warm cookies, so stop by a bakery (or try this bacon chocolate chip cookie recipe) to brighten someone’s day (or your own).

Compatible with: Pie – they will cut past your crisp exterior and bring out your warm and gooey side.



Photo by Emma Delaney

You are a sweetheart with great taste. There are more cake flavors than you could ever imagine (like this zebra cake), and it’s nearly impossible to make a bad choice.

You’re a people pleaser, but you don’t let people walk all over you – you’re the perfect balance of sweet and spunky (like the perfect ratio of cake to icing).

You are quite a creative person and can fix any problem thrown your way. Basically, you could be the next Olivia Pope miraculously fixing juicy scandals, while we all bow down in worship at your feet.

Compatible with: Frozen Yogurt – they are the sprinkles and toppings in your delicious life.



Photo by Zoe Zaiss

You’re the person who doesn’t like to share because let’s be honest, is there really that much difference between cake and cupcakes? I didn’t think so.

Other than hoarding your mini cakes (who can blame you?), you’re a social butterfly who’s always looking to make new friends. If you weren’t invited to a party, it’s only because you were hosting it (and hopefully made these red velvet oreo cupcakes for your guests).

Always polite and respectful, you need a partner-in-crime to unleash your wild side. Once you’re out, you know how to have a good time.

Compatible with: Candy – they give you the sugar rush you crave.



Photo by Sydney Segal

You live life to the fullest. Just like your rich dessert choice, you appreciate the finer things. But…you’re an indecisive person at heart, which is why you like that brownies only come in one flavor: rich, gooey, and chocolate-y.

You’re a risk taker and adventure seeker who isn’t afraid to test the limits. These crazy adventures will take you far because you will get to experience more by the age of 30 than most people experience in their whole lives.

You’re a passionate person who loves new things, so travel the world, learn a new language, and don’t forget to taste all of the delicious food the world has to offer (like these 37-calorie brownies).

Compatible with: Ice Cream – they bring a new energy to mix in to your life.



Photo by Jocelyn Hsu

You’re traditional in most everything you do. You believe that nothing is better than your grandma’s pies, and there’s no argument from us.

You stick to your roots and are reluctant to ever make drastic changes in your life because why fix what’s not broken, right? As a home body, you enjoy quiet evenings at home snuggling with your pet (and a slice of pie..or two).

You probably have Pinterest boards filled with homemade recipes (like this lemon meringue pie) and DIY crafts because you’re so ready to have your own place to decorate and actually cook in (aka having more than microwaving capabilities).

Who knows, you could be the next Martha Stewart or Alton Brown. If you pursue Martha’s path though, I would avoid the “go to jail” part, but that’s just me.

Compatible with: Cookies – they bring a crunch to your otherwise soft and mushy life.

Ice Cream


Photo by Lucia Perasso

You’re a go-getter who can’t stop, won’t stop. Nothing is impossible, and you are constantly staying busy. Though you aren’t superhuman and do get worn down from all of the running around, you don’t ever let it show and would never in a million years let your results suffer.

Always energetic and enthusiastic, you’re the perfect team leader and everyone’s supportive friend in tough situations. You have a tendency to spread yourself too thin and people can mistake that for being a bit wishy-washy, but hey, you’re just too popular for your own good.

You’ve wanted scientists to release cloning technology to the general public so that you can finally live life without FOMO.

(Take this self-discovery to the next level and find out which ice cream flavor you are here.)

Compatible with: Brownies – they add a rich decadence to your life that you won’t know how you lived without.

Frozen Yogurt


Photo by David Whinery

You’re the trendy person who has probably dyed their hair grey and always beats everyone to the cool, new social media platform (and never lets us forget it). You’re great at giving advice about life, the latest fashions, or whether or not to take that last shot of tequila.

Even though 99% of the world today would say that they’re attached to their phones, you take it to a whole new level and are practically addicted to it. Twitter? Duh. Insta? All over it. Snapchat? Your life. Selfies? You practically invented them.

Someday you’ll meet that person who cares just as much about celeb gossip and fashion trends as you do, but until then, you keep doing you. Without you, the rest of the world would be gossip-less, entertainment-less, and just plain boring.

Compatible with: Cake – they help you warm up to people and have a good time.

P.S. Here’s some evidence to support your love for frozen yogurt.



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You’re a wild child…your love of candy began as a child and nothing has changed since then. The daredevil in you doesn’t have an “off” switch and that can freak some people out, but your friends know that you just have higher standards for fun than most.

You’re the person that will go out on Thursday night with an 8 am test the next morning. Basically, Drake had you in mind when he invented YOLO.

You think in the present, so you need someone who will be supportive of your adventures but will also keep you from crossing the line.

Your next adventure – making these candy-filled blondies. A candy lover’s dream.

Compatible with: Cupcakes – they turn your wild ideas into tame, bite-sized adventures.

Hopefully this list gave you what you were looking for – a new question to ask on a first date, an enlightening self-discovery, or an excuse to chow down on some sugary goodness in your room.

Either way, never discount a dessert’s ability to create a special bond between people, whether it’s a friendship or something that could turn into more.

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