Snapchat, Twitter and Facebook are all good and fun, but we all know everyone’s favorite social media outlet is Instagram. It started off as a picture-sharing website, but it’s since blown up and turned into a lifestyle for many. Instagram likes aren’t everything, but it’s fun to document your food-ventures — it can even improve your health.

We’ve all done it before: you see your Insta feed blow up with pictures of the same meal over and over again, and you think to yourself, “I MUST go and get a picture for my Instagram.” Sometimes it doesn’t even matter if the food is good — it only matters if it’s aesthetically pleasing and the taste is just an added bonus. Here are the most Instagram-worthy places from each state. Road trip, anyone?

Alabama — Chicken and Waffles at Five Bar


Photo courtesy of @josiewalkerrr on Instagram

Crispy chicken and honey walnut waffles dusted with powdered sugar will please your tastebuds and your Instagram followers. Five Bar’s brunch also features avocado toast, beignets and a pineapple jalapeño margarita — brb, flying to Alabama.

Alaska — Stuffed French Toast at Snow City Cafe


Photo courtesy of @michaelgaribay_ on Instagram

You’ll definitely want to make the trek through the snow to try the stuffed French toast at Snow City Cafe. Mandarin orange cream cheese, toasted walnuts and raspberry butter complement this dish perfectly and add the perfect pop of color for your feed.

Arizona — Bruschetta at Postino


Photo courtesy of on Instagram

For less than $15, you can get a board of four pieces of bruschetta, topped with whatever your heart desires — mozzarella and basil, brie and apples with fig spread and smoked salmon with pesto are just a few of the many options, but no matter what combo you get, your picture of them will definitely rack up likes on Insta.

Arkansas — Toast at Arsaga’s


Photo courtesy of @megrapp on Instagram

Toast is never just toast at Arsaga’s in Fayetteville. There’s the Prince Picnic, the OMG Ashley!, Toast of Milk & Honey, Toast Called Wanda…the list goes on. Go with friends and order one of each for the perfect Instagram spread.

California — Brunch at Urth Caffé


Photo courtesy of @marenclemsen on Instagram

Grab your favorite gals and head over to Urth Caffé for a picture perfect brunch. With an emphasis on organic foods and coffee, this family-owned cafe serves up delicious food and drinks that are also pleasing to the eye.

#SpoonTip: All their coffee comes from heirloom trees that have not been genetically modified, served at all six of their Cali locations.

Colorado — Breakfast at Olive & Finch


Photo courtesy of @kimbolay on Instagram

Inspired by the streetside cafes of Europe, Olive & Finch serves up tasty breakfast dishes in mini cast-iron skillets. They offer pastries, sandwiches, soups and coffee, so whether you eat it in the restaurant or take it to-go, make sure to take a pic of this quaint little cafe.

Connecticut — Tacos at Bartaco


Photo courtesy of @ladyflashback on Instagram

With three locations in Connecticut, there’s no excuse to not try this place out. Their colorful tacos, guac and chipotle slaw make for the perfect post. Don’t worry about FOMO though, because Bartaco is also available in Florida, Georgia, New York, Tennessee and Virginia.

#SpoonTip: Ask for their Secret Taco to maximize your taco experience.

Delaware — Oysters at Henlopen City Oyster House


Photo courtesy of @bmorebri on Instagram

Fresh oysters and an ice-cold beer are good for the soul (and for your Instagram theme). Henlopen City Oyster House has over 30 varieties of oysters, so you can’t go wrong here. They also have happy hour daily from 3-5 pm, so #treatyoself.

Florida — Avocado Toast at Threefold Cafe


Photo courtesy of @spoon_umiami on Instagram

Even though avocado toast was number three on The Top 10 Betchiest Food Trends of 2015, we can’t help but snap a pic of this avocado toast from Threefold Cafe. Smashed avocado with feta, lime and basil piled high on a piece of toast? Yes, please.

Georgia — Breakfast at Mama’s Boy


Photo courtesy of @maddiehjames on Instagram

Relive your childhood with the breakfast classics, just like Mom used to make it. Get a taste of some good ol’ Southern cooking at Mama’s Boy in Athens. Plus, their iced coffee comes in mason jars, which is every Instagrammer’s dream.

Hawaii — Pitaya Bowl at Salted Lemon


Photo courtesy of @lilihasaltedlemon on Instagram

It’s the acai bowl’s older (and prettier) sister. Pitaya, or dragonfruit, gives this bowl its vibrant pink color. Add mango, kiwis, blueberries, strawberries and granola and you’ve got your perfect Insta pic — as if we needed another reason to go to Hawaii.

Idaho — Grilled Cheese at Bleubird


Photo courtesy of @em_hensley on Instagram

The tastiest grilled cheese, paired with the bright, airy aesthetics, makes Bleubird the perfect place for a picture to fit your Instagram theme. They also make handcrafted sodas with unique flavors like pomegranate sage, ginger lime, basil lemonade, and grapefruit rosemary served in mason jars.

Illinois — Sushi Rolls at Yuzu Sushi & Robata Grill


Photo courtesy of @chicagomunchies on Instagram

We know you have friends that judge you taking pictures of your food, but I don’t think anyone could resist taking a picture of this sushi roll. The chefs at Yuzu Sushi & Robata Grill in Chicago fuse Japanese tradition with their own creative spin to make this beautiful masterpiece.

Indiana — Margherita Pizza at King Dough


Photo courtesy of @jillkush on Instagram

Lighting and angle are always key for a good Insta post, but at King Dough in Bloomington, Indiana, it’s not hard to get the perfect shot. I mean, come on — when is pizza NOT Instagram-worthy?

Iowa — Sushi at Formosa


Photo courtesy of @margaretmitch3 on Instagram

Sushi nowadays focuses both on the art and the taste of the roll. Formosa features a variety of specialty rolls, many of which are intricately decorated with pieces of avocado, swirls of sauce and even heart-shaped sushi. Your feed will thank you.

Kansas — Waffles at The Waffle Iron


Photo courtesy of @whitemagic on Instagram

Two words: Gourmet. Waffles. Try the raspberry coriander waffles sprinkled with Fruity Pebbles, or maybe the blackberry honey tarragon with fresh blackberries, topped with cookie butter cream. Whatever waffle you choose, it’s guaranteed that it’ll be beautiful AND delicious.

Kentucky — Fried Chicken at Royals Hot Chicken


Photo courtesy of @thekentuckygent on Instagram

It’s stereotypical to choose fried chicken for Kentucky, I know. But c’mon. Look at this fried chicken. Pair that with the simplicity of bowls and checkered paper and you’ve got yourself a winner winner chicken dinner.

Louisiana — Beignets at Cafe Du Monde


Photo courtesy of @emilyf097 on Instagram

Beignets? More like beignYAY. Warm, fluffy, fried pieces of dough sprinkled generously with powdered sugar are every Instagrammer’s dream. Get ready for a wait though, because the line is usually out the door.

Maine — Lobster Roll at Bite into Maine


Photo courtesy of @blaireflory on Instagram

Maine is known for their lobster and Bite into Maine does not disappoint. A lobster roll, plus the beautiful scenery, makes for the perfect Insta pic. Have your roll Maine-style (light mayo and chives), or Connecticut style (hot butter).

Maryland — Doughnuts at Diablo Doughnuts


Photo courtesy of @baltimorefoodies on Instagram

Maple bacon, blueberry basil and blackberry lime, oh my. Diablo Doughnuts focuses on crazy and creative flavors to spice up their doughnuts, which means it’s perfect for Insta — they even have a unicorn farts doughnut that’s topped with Lucky Charms cereal.

Massachusetts — Açaí Bowl at Jugos


Photo courtesy of @foodmoodzz on Instagram

Açaí bowls, avocado toast and green juice are every basic girls’ dream to the perfect Instagram post, and you can get all three at Jugos in Boston. The bright green from the juice and avocadoes are perfectly balanced by the blues and reds from the açaí bowl. #basicAF

Michigan — Lunch at Sava’s Restaurant


Photo courtesy of @spoon_michigan on Instagram

Your favorite comfort foods get a makeover at Sava’s in Ann Arbor. Brighten up your feed with colorful salads, creamy mac n’ cheese and a classic burger. Your followers (and your stomach) will thank you.

Minnesota — Savory Waffle at Birchwood Cafe


Photo courtesy of @eshaan.iyer on Instagram

If you’ve ever craved breakfast food but wanted something a bit heartier, Birchwood Cafe has your solution. Their savory waffle is made of brown rice, sweet potato and kale, and is topped with cilantro butter, bacon, sunflower seeds and a fried egg. Who doesn’t love breakfast food?

Mississippi — Breakfast and Coffee at Cabin 82


Photo courtesy of @faisonanne on Instagram

Nestled inside the historic Graduate Hotel in Oxford, Cabin 82 is the perfect place to get a perfect Insta pic. They draw deco inspiration from antique stores, with reclaimed barn wood walls and upholstered furniture. Come sit, grab a Southern-style breakfast, some coffee and Instagram away.

Missouri — Gogi Bowl at Seoul Taco


Photo courtesy of @nanijude on Instagram

Mexican and Korean food come together in the perfection that is the Gogi Bowl at Seoul Taco. It’s like the prettier version of a Chipotle bowl that’ll look good on your feed — don’t forget to use #yolkporn.

Montana — Pizza at Biga Pizza


Photo courtesy of @dashofsavory on Instagram

When in doubt, always Instagram your pizza. Taken from a high angle, your pizza will look good every single time — especially if it’s brick-oven baked pizza from Biga Pizza.

Nebraska — Scramble Rancheros at Modern Love


Photo courtesy of @modernloveomaha

If you run a vegan Instagram account (and even if you don’t), Modern Love in Omaha is the place to go. They serve fresh farm-to-table vegan spins on classics like huevos rancheros and strawberry rhubarb pie.

Nevada — Brunch at Mon Ami Gabi


Photo courtesy of @agnesmh95 on Instagram

Recover after a night of partying in Sin City at Mon Ami Gabi. Pretend like you’re at a Parisian bistro and post a picture on your Insta so your followers (aka your mom) will think you’re living up girls’ weekend with a lovely brunch.

New Hampshire — Breakfast at Popovers on the Square


Photo courtesy of @spoon_unh on Instagram

You could have scrambled eggs and bacon for breakfast. Or you could have pulled pork flatbread with mozzarella drizzled with blueberry sauce at Popovers on the Square. Sounds gross, tastes (and looks) great.

New Jersey — Doughnuts at Broad Street Dough Co.


Photo courtesy of Mitch Marcus

Located in Oakhurst, Broad Street Dough Co. serves up decadently decorated doughnuts that’ll make all your friends jealous. They’ll brighten up your feed and are almost too pretty to eat. Almost.

New Mexico — Blue Corn Waffles at Tia Betty Blue’s


Photo courtesy of @veekeetee on Instagram

By now you’ve probably realized that breakfast is a popular meal to Instagram, but who could resist? Breakfast food is just too pretty (and delicious) to ignore. At Tia Betty Blue’s, you can enjoy blue corn waffles topped with strawberries and chocolate whipped cream — your inner child will thank you.

New York — Rainbow Bagels at The Bagel Store


Photo by Max Bartick

These bad boys were so popular that The Bagel Store had to temporarily close its doors in order to do renovations, but recently stated that they are now closed indefinitely. No worries, though: You can learn to make them at home.

Honorable mention: Milkshakes at Black Tap

North Carolina — Bibimbap at Kimbap Cafe


Photo courtesy of @rdubaton on Instagram

With fresh, local, Korean-inspired ingredients, you can’t go wrong at Kimbap. Bright veggies and a sunny side-up egg are the perfect pair to rack up the likes on Instagram — drizzle the spicy gochujang sauce on it for a fiery tint.

North Dakota — Bagels at BernBaum’s


Photo courtesy of @fargomoorehead on Instagram

A bagel that could rival New York’s finest deserves a spot on your Insta. They can be piled high with veggies, lox or just classic cream cheese. Order some matzoh ball soup to keep you warm in the frigid North Dakota climate.

Ohio — Tacos at Nada


Photo courtesy of @clst91 on Instagram

Nada in Columbus serves up some tasty tacos. Try the Fried Avocado or the Señor Mu Shu with their Farro & Sweet Potatoes or Sweet Chili Glazed Nada Fries. Either way, your #spread will look amazing. Taco ’bout a good time.

Oklahoma — Lunch at Kitchen No. 324


Photo courtesy of @okcfoodie on Instagram

Come for lunch at Kitchen No. 324, where you can order a salad, mac n’ cheese and a macchiato, all at the same place. Snap a pic of your food, but be sure to take one of the bright, minimalistic interior too.

Oregon — Lattes at Albina Press Coffeehouse


Photo courtesy of @findfarah on Instagram

Because drinking a regular latte is so 2010. At Albina Press Coffeehouse, David Matoba is the mastermind behind the cute critters in the #latteart — it’s much more fun to write a paper while sipping on a latte with a bear drawn on it.

Pennsylvania — Huevos Rancheros at Naked Egg Café


Photo courtesy of @spoon_psu on Instagram

For breakfast at the Naked Egg Cafe, you can get eggs benedict, steak and eggs or huevos rancheros with… you guessed it, an egg. Enjoy a Mexican-style breakfast and be sure to upload a pic onto your Instagram to give your friends FOMO.

Rhode Island — French Toast at Olga’s Cup and Saucer


Photo courtesy of @kie350 on Instagram

Cure that Saturday hangover with brunch at Olga’s Cup and Saucer. Thick slices of brioche are soaked in egg batter and grilled, then topped with fresh fruit and Vermont maple syrup. Heavenly.

South Carolina — The Wookie at Southern Belly BBQ


Photo courtesy of @holly0793 on Instagram

No one does barbecue better than the South. At Southern Belly BBQ, you can try the Wookie, named after Han Solo’s beloved companion. It has double meat, three cheeses, double bacon, grilled onions, a center slice of bread, all served on a buttered French roll with “dark side” sauce. Come hungry.

South Dakota — S’mores Milkshake at Phillips Avenue Diner


Photo courtesy of Jordan O. on

Why eat your s’mores when you can turn it into a milkshake instead? Finish off your classic diner meal with this chocolate milkshake, topped with toasted marshmallows and graham crackers.

Tennessee — Chicken at Hattie B’s Hot Chicken


Photo courtesy of @kristineyoungin on Instagram

Feel the burn with some hot chicken from Hattie B’s — try it as a sandwich for a chicken sandwich that outshines Chickfila. The classic red and white checkered print baskets and tin buckets will give your Instagram a homey feel.

Texas — Kimchi Fries at Chi’lantro BBQ


Photo courtesy of @taylorjchoi on Instagram

Starting off as a small food truck in Austin, Chi’lantro now boasts three brick-and-mortar restaurants, with two more in the works. They’re often credited as the makers of kimchi fries — crispy fries piled with protein of your choice, caramelized kimchi, cheddar and Monterey Jack cheese, onions, magic sauce and Sriracha.

Utah — Bloody Mary Slider at Tin Angel Cafe


Photo courtesy of @wy808 on Instagram

Start your weekend festivities with this mini-slider… that’s attached to a Bloody Mary. It’s a source of protein AND alcohol, all wrapped up into one drink. What more could you ask for?

Vermont — Superfood Toast at Vermont Juice Company


Photo courtesy of @emilymscott on Instagram

In the wise words of DJ Khaled, “Anotha one.” Yes, it’s more avocado toast and acai bowls — the bright colors of both foods are just so perfect for Insta that we have to include them more than once.

Virginia — The Southern at Roots Natural Kitchen


Photo courtesy of @katheats on Instagram

BBQ tofu, kale, chickpeas, roasted broccoli and charred white corn all come together with a lemon tahini dressing to give you a delicious and healthy bowl. Make sure you post a pic to let your friends know you don’t only eat Chipotle — you can do healthy, too.

Washington — Honey Toast at HardWok Cafe


Photo courtesy of @jeimi_looz on Instagram

This glorious honey toast deserves a spot on your Instagram for many reasons: it’s huge, it’s colorful and it’s freaking delicious. Pile your fave ice cream, fruits and other little treats for a dessert to eat with friends (or by yourself, we won’t judge).

Washington, D.C. — Tacos at Chaia DC


Photo courtesy of @elenabesser on Instagram

Using only the freshest ingredients, Chaia DC serves up some of the most colorful tacos in the US. Chow down on a rainbow carrot and pea shoot taco or a creamy kale and potato — either way, your feed will be significantly brighter and happier.

West Virginia — Pizza at Pies & Pints


Photo courtesy of @piesandpints on Instagram

Life is hard enough as it is, so why should you have to choose between your two favorite pizzas? At Pies & Pints, you don’t have to. Go half margherita and half chicken gouda so you can use the #meatlovers AND #vegetarian hashtags on Insta.

Wisconsin — French Toast at Marigold Kitchen


Photo courtesy of @brandjarvus on Instagram

The best kinds of French toast are the ones with so many toppings that you can’t even see the toast. Marigold Kitchen, which recently won best breakfast restaurant in Madison, tops their toast with pastry cream, berry pureé, seasonal berries, shaved almonds and pure Wisconsin maple syrup.

Wyoming — Raw Pad Thai at Lotus Cafe


Photo courtesy of @threephatgirls on Instagram

Have lunch at Lotus Cafe with your meat-lovers and your vegans. The cafe offers a variety of vegan dishes, as well as organic meat options for those who prefer it. No matter what you order, though, it’s guaranteed to look great on your Instagram.