Beets (or beetroot) are the unsung superfood that many are hesitant to toss into their diets due to the stigma that they “taste like dirt.” I however happen to be in agreement with Dunder Mifflin’s’s Dwight Schrute; beets are a superior vegetable. I know what you’re thinking, beets might possibly be the least sexy of the root vegetables. But fear not – I have searched far and wide for meals made with beets that Dwight himself would even approve of.

1. Beet, Goat Cheese, and Honey Tarts


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As you know, Dwight adores milking his goat at Schrute Farm. He would surely love an hors d’oeuvre that utilizes both thinly sliced beets and goat cheese. Just add puff pastry and you’ve got yourself a Dwight approved beet tart.

2. Beet Lemonade


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Don’t stress, drinking beet lemonade will not stain your teeth to purple like Angela’s (above) when Dwight contractually made her do a beet cleanse. This recipe will cleanse your pallet with its complex mixture of a lemon’s tartness, sugar’s sweetness, and tangy beet juice. This combo is not only delicious but also wicked healthy thanks to the added beets.

3. Beet and Feta Burgers


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If Dwight Schrute were to enter a burger eating contest, it’s no question he would demand beet and feta burgers. Not only are they delicious and include his favorite of all vegetables, but they are vegetarian, so even Angela has no excuse not to eat them.

4. Beet Ravioli with Goat Cheese, Ricotta, and Mint Filling


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Although Dwight may think he’s too much of a “manly-man” to take the time to roll out some beet ravioli’s, he would never pass up another opportunity to utilize some Schrute Farm goats milk goat cheese again. When you’ve got 60 acres of nothin’ but beets you’ve gotta get creative.

5. Beet Brownies


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You might be thinking, “that sounds absolutely disgusting,” but look at those brownies! They look delicious and you know they’ve gotta be somewhat healthy having beets in the recipe, and if you’re doubting me right now, you can head down to Scranton, PA and take it up with Dwight K. Schrute, Regional Manager.