The millennial generation has changed the food game forever.  It's no longer just about how good something tastes—it's about how well it photographs. In the era of Instagram, we hold our meals and our drinks to a higher, more aesthetically pleasing, standard.  And no one understands this better than Starbucks.  Their latest drink is as pretty as it gets. You can now get a millennial pink latte...if you go to Japan.

What Even Is It?

If you're lucky enough to make it to a Starbucks in Japan, you can sip on the new Pink Medley Tea Latte.  According to PopSugar, the trendy drink is made with steamed milk, frothy foam, and a new Teavana tea blend called Joyful Medley. The drink may sound basic, but the flavor is anything but. The tea blend contains fruit flavors like orange, peach, apple, and strawberry along with jasmine tea. Online reviewers are quite pleased with flavor, calling it "heavenly" with a "gorgeous and gentle taste."

The Latest in Colored Drinks

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Elise Metcalf

This Japan beverage is the latest in the newest food trend—colored lattes. What's even better than pretty latte art? Latte art with a pretty color, clearly. This millennial pink latte joins the ranks of the "goth latte," the "unicorn latte," and the "matcha latte." This drink stands out by taking on the color that represents millennials themselves and all the crazy trends their generation has produced.

In recent years, this light shade of pink (which is really a mixture of a bunch of pink hues) has been everywhere, from your iPhone to your wallpaper. Why is it so popular? According to The Guardian, it "represents a kind of ironic prettiness or post-prettiness. It’s a way to be pretty while retaining your intellectual detachment." According to me, it's just really freaking cute.

Pretty in Pink

You can't blame Starbucks lovers for flooding your feed with this beautiful drink. Not only is it pleasing to the eye, but it's rare to get your hands on one of these babies. If I was having a unique Starbucks drink, I'd share it with the world, too.

If you're lucky enough to be sending the Valentine's Day season in Japan, hit up the local Starbucks ASAP.  Or, if you're like me, stare at the pink photos in your newsfeed in envy. If you still wanna get your pink fill, you can check out Starbucks' pink drink that's available in the US.