New York City is home to more than a few of the biggest food trends. Innovators have created rainbow bagels, outrageous milkshakes, and most recently, cookie dough parlors. Now, NYC has reached peak unicorn status by becoming home to the Unicorn Latte.

That's right, this is not your imagination playing tricks. The End, a new coffeeshop in Brooklyn, is all about promoting wellness using all-natural, plant-based ingredients in their drinks, tonics, and elixirs. It's whipping up this magical Unicorn Latte that's as beautiful as it is healthy.

The Best Kind of Unicorn

The End believes that food is medicine and a healthy diet makes for healthy bodies and minds. This is the basis behind the Unicorn Latte and all of their other too-pretty-to-drink options.

The shop uses ingredients like ashwagandha, Bulgarian rose petal water, and cannabinoid oil to promote well-being by detoxifying, boosting immunity, and reducing anxiety.

The latte isn't exactly a latte, but it works to give you energy from plant-derived sources instead of from caffeine.

It Doesn't Taste Sugary

At first glance, I expected these lattes to be filled with sugar, chemicals, and a slew of different flavored syrups. It's not typically natural for a food to be so colorful, but I couldn’t have been farther from the truth.

The Unicorn Latte gets its gorgeous blue hue from a blend of blue-green algae, which has been considered a functional food. It's filled with vitamins, nutrients, and enzymes, has a high concentration of complete protein. It even has higher levels of beta-carotene than broccoli.

Other ingredients in the latte include lemon, ginger, honey, and coconut milk, all of which have a ton of health benefits on their own. Combined, the Unicorn Latte is truly its own kind of super drink. 

10/10 Would Recommend 

It seems that the most unhealthy thing about this not-so-imaginary latte is the light dustings of glitter and sprinkles. Indulging in this beautiful latte that has functional food ingredients is nothing but good for your body. 

The latte may not be budget-friendly for college students, as a 12oz. drink is $9. But, it may be worth it for this magical, mystical functional food drink (and of course for the insta post).