Yes, it's true. Unicorn Frappes are now a thing of the past because Goth Lattes are taking over your local coffee shops by storm. These dark toned beverages are now being dubbed as "goth lattes" and arguably taste better than a beige latte any day.   

What the F*$#! Are These?!      

Goth lattes are basically your average latte with a coffee-art heart shaped design and all, just with a little more pizazz. And you know, they're pitch black. Think your average cup of joe's edgier cousin who has a cooler sense of style. They're in the same family but are still different. 

Why Drink a Black Liquid?

Why a charcoal latte over a regular you ask? These coffees are made from an ultra-heated form of coconut husk, known as active charcoal. They are also rumored to have all sorts of health benefits from teeth whitening to curing hangovers, but there doesn’t seem to be much basis for these claims. However, there is some evidence that active charcoal reduces flatulence, which is a noble achievement.

Where Can You Find These?

These notable lattes have been popping up all over the world, from Damson and Co. in SoHo, London to White Mojo in Australia. While they haven't hit the states yet, we can only assume trendy, low-key coffee shops in downtown LA or NYC will be taking the hint very soon. 

While some might remain on the regular latte team, those who do will miss out on their glorious dose of the wild side. But, no matter what team you're on, all coffee lovers should rejoice because we finally have a latte that matches our souls.