As a green tea lover and coffee addict, you can imagine my delight when I stumbled upon the matcha latte.

A lighter and healthier alternative to the standard latte, the matcha latte is made with a powder of ground green tea leaves. It originates from Japan, and not only boosts your energy, but like green tea, contains many other health benefits.

Frustratingly, matcha lattes are not nearly as common as regular lattes, although since being picked up as a health food trend, they are becoming more and more common.

Nevertheless, it is still tasking to actually find a coffee shop that sells them.

Luckily for you, I've done the searching for you. I've looked high and low and found the best spots to have a matcha latte in DC.  

Still not convinced? Read on...

1) Open City at the National Cathedral

What better place to enjoy this frothy green coffee than in an adorable little café right by the National Cathedral? My only complaint is that there was no sugar-free option. Perfect one for those of you with a sweet-tooth.

2) Tryst

You can't really go wrong with Tryst. Bring your college work and sip this delightful drink while soaking up the chilled atmosphere and comforting vibe.

3) Bourbon Coffee

Like to people watch? Bourbon coffee in Tenleytown is the place for you. They also offer different types of milk to have with the matcha. I opted for almond milk and would definitely recommend.

4) Politics and Prose Bookstore

This photo alone should be enough to get you racing down to Connecticut Avenue. Enjoy this creamy matcha latte in the cozy cafe at the back of the bookstore. 

So, what are you waiting for? Go out there into the city where your favorite matcha latte awaits.