Sure, we laugh at meatheads, and Chad from the bachelorette trying to meet his self proclaimed daily protein levels...but they have it figured out. It's time to start packing more protein into our diet for a variety of reasons. Not only is it essential nutrition for out bodies, but it also will help cut back cravings, keep us full longer, and help repair our muscles after a kicka** workout.


This is a great source of protein for vegetarians, but its great even for meat lovers. Add it to any soup and it will give it a nice flavor. A quarter of a cup of dry lentils yields about 13 grams of protein and 145 calories. My favorite is adding lentils to chili to make it vegetarian. This protein source is cheap and easy and great for the next #MeatlessMonday. 

cereal, buckwheat, legume, lentil, vegetable
Christin Urso

Cottage Cheese

Some people are often times intimidated by the chunks, but the protein content in this source will make you embrace them. The best way to prepare it is with fruit. The tanginess and the mixture of fruit brings the sweetness. Low- fat cottage cheese contains roughly 80 calories and 13 grams of protein.

milk, cream, yogurt, dairy, curd, cottage cheese, dairy product, cereal
Hope Steele


Jerky is easily one of the most slept on protein sources. It may have a bad rep for being deemed as "unhealthy" when it actually is extremely low in calories and high in protein. Now, they even have salmon jerky, sold at Trader Joe's. Each serving is about 100 calories with at least 16 grams of protein. *Cue the Cheese Jerky song for Jackson's stand from Hannah Montana!

Megan Yee

Canned Tuna

This is no question one of the cheapest protein sources. Also, they don't have to be refrigerated making it perfect for on the go. Pair it with some lettuce wraps, crackers, in an avocado, on cucumbers, or just on its own. Each pack is around 80 calories with about 16 grams of protein. These are perfect for anyone balling on a budget

avocado, tuna, cucumber, rice
Olivia Chadwick


This is something you can easily make and is low in calories while still packing a protein punch. It is roughly around 130 calories for 13 grams of protein. Now there are even crispy versions with a variety of flavors like sea salt and wasabi. This food may be hard to spell or say... but it sure makes including protein in your diet easy.

legume, vegetable, pea, edamame, salad
Elyse Belarge

Whether you're making some #summergains or just working towards a healthier lifestyle...protein is a great way to achieve your goals. It will help keep you fit, full and focused.