Everybody loves discovering new and delicious foods, especially when a food not only tastes good but is incredibly healthy for you. What if such a food also had the versatility of being able to form things like burgers, salads, and soups

If that's what you're searching for then look no further than lentils because that's where it's at. Here are five health benefits of lentils that will convince you to start eating them today.

1. They're high in fiber.

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Amanda Gajdosik

Lentils are one of the most fiber-rich foods you can find, having high contents of both soluble and insoluble fiber. According to World's Healthiest Foods, one cup of lentils provides you with 63% of your daily value of fiber.

Given that most people have trouble getting even a fraction of that with their on-the-go college life diets, lentils could potentially be total lifesavers in the fiber department.

Fiber is not only good for lowering cholesterol, but it does wonders for helping your digestive system stay regular and helps keep your blood sugar stable.

2. They energize you.

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Christin Urso

It's no secret that college students are often low on energy (that isn't from coffee or energy drinks). Lentils are a great addition to your meals that will keep you feeling energized since they're so full of slow burning complex carbohydrates, fiber, and iron. 

3. They boost heart health.

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Nina Lincoff 

Not only is the fiber in lentils amazing for keeping your heart healthy (getting rid of all that bad cholesterol), but it also has other nutrients that do that as well. Two things called folate and magnesium are also proven to be helpful in aiding your heart, according to World's Healthiest Foods

4. They're a good source of plant protein.

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Marina Wollmann

Vegans and vegetarians understand the struggle of getting their protein, especially if they've recently switched over from meat-eating. Lentils are very protein-rich for being the size that they are, giving you 36% of your recommended daily protein intake in just one cup.

5. They're low in calories.

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Ashton Caudle

Lentils are perfect for those watching their calorie intake since they have such a low caloric content. According to Mind, Body, Green, one cup of lentils contains only about 230 calories. So being able to get more than two-thirds of your daily fiber and one-third of your daily protein in only about 230 calories is pretty convenient! Lentils aid weight loss in a healthy and nutritious way.

6. They are good carbohydrates.

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Helen Poon

By now you're familiar with the fact that lentils have a lot of goodness in them. Aside from their nutrients, they can overall be used to substitute bad carbohydrates, like white pasta and rice, in your diet. Their low caloric content, high protein, and fiber make them the perfect substitute to keep you full and provide you with all the goodness you need in your day.

Check out World's Healthiest Foods for more information on these magic beans. And try out these delicious recipes from Spoon University: classic curried rice and lentils, lentil soup, lentil veggie burger, some yummy lentil hummus, and this cool article that has a bunch more.