LENTILS! Alright, we have to admit, adding an exclamation mark and typing in all caps doesn’t make lentils sound more exciting. But believe it when we say that lentils are actually incredibly dynamic foodstuffs. What exactly are lentils, you ask? To give a brief overview, lentils are part of the legume family, which means they’re cousins with our favorites, beans and peas (unlike its cousin, the bean, lentils won’t make you..er…flatulate). Legumes are known to be low-fat sources of protein, and in addition to good sources of fiber and potassium. Lentils are great because they are hearty and satisfying and can be mixed into heavier dishes, while still being lean and low-calorie, (one cup is 230 calories) which make for great meals. (Let’s be honest, your acai bowl is not going to pleasure your tastebuds the way a nice bowl of lentil-chili is). Here are some delicious ways to enjoy our favorite legume:


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Photo by MK Campbell

Lentil salad is amazing; it has an added benefit over regular salads as it makes you feel fuller for longer. Cut up some onions and tomatoes, mix some parsley and lemon in, bam. You have yourself a filling salad (yes, those two words can coexist together!).


lentil soup with homemade croutons

Photo by meagan holtgrewe

Lentil is also great for filling soups-cook some lentils over a stove, add in some carrots, onions, and tomatoes. Wait until the lentils are soft. Add some chicken broth, pour in some vinegar, add some salt, and you have a nice warm meal to accompany you as you binge on Netflix for the rest of the night. An alternative soup recipe can be found here.


Lentil Burger at Splitz Grill in Vancouver

Photo by SweetOnVeg

You do not have to be vegan in order to enjoy this delicious substitute for a burger. The earthy flavor of the lentils really enhances the taste of the burger. Cook lentils on low heat in a pan until tender, while mixing in Worchester sauce and onion slices. Let it sit for a few minutes, before shaping it into a patty.

Lentil-stuffed Vegetables

Peppers stuffed with lentils

Photo by RosHelen

Fill your stomach by filling your veggies with some good lentils-take some cooked rice, spicy peppers, add some lentils in the mix, and stuff it all into a bell pepper cut in half. Douse the bell pepper in oil, cook it in the oven for several minutes.

Find your lentils near campus here.