Do you love chocolate and getting in your recommended daily protein intake? Luckily, there are a few protein bars that can fill both your chocolate and protein needs.

These bars aren't your typical over-priced chalky bars sold at the cafe, instead, they're more like candy. Here are the ones you should try based on your favorite chocolate bar, so you can make better decisions when you're hangry and trying to be healthy.  

Snickers: Fit Crunch Bar

Robert Irvine is not only the star of Restaurant Impossible, an author, and a Chopped champion, but a really fit chef. He took his love of fitness and food and created Fit Crunch Bars aka the new Snickers.

These are more like meal replacement bars clocking in at 380 calories. This makes them great for crazy days when you can't sit down for a proper meal. Get in some calories, fulfill your craving for a Snickers, and reach 60% of your protein intake at the same time #goals.   

Kit Kats: Power Crunch Bar

The bar pictured above is smothered in peanut butter but look at those wafer layers. The original Power Crunch bar is the most similar to a Kit Kat, but they also have other flavors like white chocolate and mint for those of you who want to branch out. This snack is a great option for someone who is eating a diet higher in fat and lower in carbs.

Milky Way Bars: Detour Bar

There are so many different kinds of Detour bars, and they are all very candy-like. The bar that most resembles your beloved Milky Way is the Chocolate Chip Caramel flavor. The caramel layer is extremely thick and is coated in a low-sugar chocolate. The bar comes in full, and snack sizes fit for all types of noshing.

Nestle Crunch Bars: Ooh Snap! Bar

If a Nestle Crunch bar and a Rice Krispies treat had a baby, it would look and taste like this bar. Ooh Snap! is a relatively new bar and while it only has two flavors, they pack a punch. The double chocolate chunk flavor is the most similar to a Nestle Crunch bar, but with only five grams of sugar. 

Mounds: Luna Bar Chocolate Dipped Coconut 

The quality of this bar is insane. Not only is it non-GMO and made with organic coconut, but it's also dairy-free and gluten-free. It's chewy which is hard to find in a gluten-free bar. And did we mention it has 8 grams of protein?! Trust us, you'll love these bars as a good-for-you treat.

Reeses: Quest Cravings PB Cup

Quest bars come in so many different flavors and there are so many different ways to eat them. You don't have to think about any of that with this Quest Cravings cup because it doesn't need anything to elevate it's peanut butter flavor. The sweetness comes from artificial sweeteners and sugar alcohols whose "healthiness" is debatable, but these cups contain less than 2% of both ingredients.     

York Peppermint Patties: CLIF Builders Chocolate Mint

I'm not a huge mint fan, but these bars might make a liar out of me. The mint flavor isn't toothpaste-like, and there's plenty of chocolate to go with it. They have a blend of complete protein, carbohydrates and fat to support muscle recovery and will keep you fuller for longer than your average chocolate bar. 

While protein bars aren't as healthy as organic fruits and veggies, they sure beat the crazy sugar content in your favorite candy bars. The next time you're craving chocolate go for the higher protein option that'll keep you full and leave you feeling healthier than Dr. Oz.