The end of 2016 is right around the corner. This means people are planning their New Year's Eve celebrations, writing their resolutions, and buying unnecessary amounts of 2016 decorations that will never be used again. However, no one is making big plans for New Year's Day, and that's probably because they're planning on staying in bed and nursing their horrible hangover.

Ah, the New Year's Day hangover. The one terrible aspect of New Year's Eve that everyone seems to forget about before they head out to celebrate. The hangover to end all hangovers — it often brings up feelings of regret, sadness, anger, and confusion. And, who better to address all the emotional stages of your hangover than everyone's favorite neurotic character, Schmidt? Because, honestly, Schmidt is pretty much everyone's spirit animal when they're hungover.

Stage One: It's New Year's Eve and you're amped up

It's unclear how a whole year has passed you by again, but here you are at the cusp of 2017. Maybe you're feeling sentimental or maybe you're excited that this year is coming to an end, but regardless, you are so ready for New Year's Eve. This is not going to be like last year, though. You're going to party like it's 1999 and then wake up feeling amazing and ready to start your juice cleanse

Stage Two: Somehow, you end up drinking too much and everything goes wrong

Ok, so partying like it's 1999 really wasn't as glamorous as you might have hoped. Maybe it's because it was 2016, maybe it's because you're not magic, but it's most likely because alcohol leads you to make poor decisions.

Stage Three: You wake up and realize you've already broken all of your resolutions

Just looking at the juice in your fridge is making you queasy. Forget the gym, getting out of bed is enough exercise. You know that you won't be reading any new books today or eating healthy, the old you is here to stay.

Stage Four: You finally decide to get out of bed and make breakfast, but your brain doesn't work.

You see the eggs, you see the pan, and you know they work together, somehow, to create food, but it's still a mystery. You probably shouldn't be near any source of fire anyway.

Stage Five: You try to drink, but you can't tell the difference between water and vodka anymore

Ok, so making food is hard, but hydrating is easy. At least it seems easy — until you take a sip of water and it tastes just like the vodka from last night. You stop drinking water because nothing is worth the nausea.

Stage Six: You realize you've somehow lost most of your belongings

This is just a basic truth of life. Drunk you never puts things back in their correct places, and hungover you doesn't have the energy to go look for them, so you're just going to have to wait until sober you arrives. Or, you could continue making bad decisions and spend all your money on Amazon.

Stage Seven: You're starting to legitimately worry you'll go through all of 2017 with a headache

It's 5 pm, and your head is still killing you. What is this horrible headache? Why won't it leave? You feel like you're getting old. Once upon a time you could drink as much as you wanted and wake up feeling great. Once upon a time is over.

Stage Eight: Your friends tell you a shower would make you feel so much better

Yeah, ok, Advil didn't help, that one sip of water didn't help, but a warm shower will do the trick? LIES. 

Stage Nine: But, you choose to take their advice and are shocked when you actually start to feel better

Omg magic. Things are looking up. You're starting to think maybe this hangover won't last forever. You break out into dance and even consider eating.

Stage Ten: Someone offers you pizza and you realize there are good people out there

Because pizza makes everything better — really everything should be made out of pizza. The true heroes of New Year's Day are the people who order pizza for everyone. You'll have to spend all year attempting to repay them for their good deed. 

Stage Eleven: At 11 pm you finally feel your head again and you start to think maybe 2017 will be your year

Yes! Cured. You thought this day would never come, and here it is. You feel great. You know what? Last night was totally worth it. Can't wait for next year it's going to be amazing.

New Year's Eve is always magical and New Year's Day is always filled with regret. This year, try eating well before you go out, so you can avoid the mess that is the day after. If you still wake up feeling like Schmidt without his fancy suits, check out this hangover cure 101 to help you survive.