It happens almost every week. You go out with your friends, have a few too many drinks and suffer the consequences the next morning. You try to figure out what went wrong this time. Maybe you blame it on not getting enough sleep or mixing your drinks or even on the food that you ate the day before. And if that last one is you, I can assure you that you’re not alone.

There’s tons of hangover remedies like greasy breakfasts or coconut water, but why not try to cure the hangover before you even get it? When it comes to your eating habits that day, there are some specific foods you can eat to fight the hangover.



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They’re salty and have electrolytes, something alcohol strips you of.

Natural Fat


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Consume foods with a natural fat content like salmon, avocado, almonds and seeds. Fatty foods will stick to the wall of your stomach longer, slowing down absorption of liquor. For once, skip the leafy salad and go for something with a little more bulk to it.

Vitamin B 

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Replenish your system with vitamin B, a nutrient that’s easily depleted once alcohol hits the system. Hummus and shrimp are both great sources of this vitamin.



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Asparagus is a great vegetable to add to your pre-party dinner because it contains many amino acids (a subunit of protein) that help to metabolize alcohol throughout the digestive system. It can also help to protect your liver, which let’s be real, we should all be doing.

Olive Oil


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In European countries, it’s common for people to eat a spoonful or two of olive oil before a night of drinking. It’s believed to coat the intestine, helping to slow down the entrance of alcohol into the bloodstream without preventing it completely, while still preventing a hangover. You don’t need to eat it raw because cooking with it can help do the trick.

Grilled Cheese


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A grilled cheese is an especially good dinner before you drink. The combination of bread and dairy help to absorb the alcohol and line your stomach. Here’s how to take your grilled cheese to the next level.



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Last but certainly not least…water. You have to stay hydrated before, during and after drinking. You’re supposed to drink about one cup of water for each alcoholic drink you have because alcohol is a dehydrating diuretic. So, grab an extra glass both before and after you start drinking.

Basically, just eat something. Mostly everything helps to absorb the alcohol and replace the vitamins and minerals that alcohol can deplete you of. Eat a balanced meal with carbs and healthy fats and you’ll be thankful in the morning.