The 2016 election very well may be remembered as one of the most polarizing elections in history. Trump and Clinton did not even shake hands before the debates. This type of behavior reflects the general mood of the entire country.

This election is based entirely on hate. Many people have major issues with both candidates and just plan to vote for the lesser of two evils. When we struggle to really defend the candidate we support, we default to attacking the other side (I know I’m guilty of this).

But we must accept that conflict is a normal part of everyday life. Especially during election season, we have to discuss perspectives that are different from our own. We have to learn to have these arguments respectfully in order to find productive solutions to complex problems.

So to get some practice facing conflict, let’s rehash some of these classic food debates. Sit down. Argue with someone. And remind yourself that you can disagree with someone without hating them. 

1. Pineapple on pizza?

vegetable, pineapple, sweet, breadfruit
Caroline Liu

I absolutely adore all types of fruit. I also totally respect the balancing the saltiness of pizza with sweet and sour pineapple. But pineapple on pizza just doesn’t work for me. If it works for you, then great. You should try this Hawaiian pizza sandwich. 

2. Chicago or New York-style pizza? 

pizza, pepperoni, dough, crust, sauce, cheese, mozzarella
Emily Waples

You can't mention pizza without bringing up the most infamous debate of all time: New York or Chicago-style? Ultimately, the style you prefer pretty much just depends on where you are from. Short of going back in time and changing where someone was born, you probably won’t be able to change their mind.

3. Coke or Pepsi?

coffee, beer
Lauren Thiersch

This debate also largely boils down to location. Because I live in Georgia (home to the World of Coca-Cola), I am constantly surrounded by Coke products. Whether or not you consume Coke or Pepsi products probably just depends on where you go to school. But regardless of which soda brand you endorse, we can all agree we should be drinking less of that stuff (especially when it comes from a fountain). 

4. How do you pronounce pecan?

chocolate, coffee, sweet, milk, cream
Kenzie Mayer

Or Nutella? Or Sriracha? Honestly, words are tough. I know plenty of linguist fanatics will defend a word's “proper” pronunciation to death. But humans invented language. So don’t we also have the power just to accept that words can be pronounced in multiple ways? 

5. To Instagram or not to Instagram?

tea, coffee, beer
Sara Kotcher

I’m one of those people who rolls my eyes when someone whips out their phone to take a picture before every meal. And Instagramming our food might make us more likely to indulge in junk food. But there are also lots of food Instagrams that promote healthy eating. Instagram has also helped some people overcome their eating disorders. So some good does come with the bad. 

6. Should we all go gluten-free?

Erica Elmslie

Eating gluten-free is another wildly popular, but controversial food trend. If you feel the pros of being gluten-free outweigh the cons, go for it. If you think the gluten-free diet is a total myth, speak your mind. If you have to be gluten-free, I understand that it can be annoying when other people just decide to adopt it. But on the upside, the gluten-free trend has increased the availability of gluten-free options. So chill out and enjoy a gluten-free pancake

7. Are tomatoes fruits or vegetables?

vegetable, tomato, pasture
Jocelyn Hsu

I would like to end this article on a positive note. It turns out that a tomato is a fruit AND a vegetable. So everyone is right, and we can all live happily ever after.