Cinnabon: While it may seem like a casual mall snack, the original Cinnabon packs 880 calories of stickiness, and that's 200 less than the Caramel Pecanbon, which comes in at 1,080 calories. 

The OG Cinnabon Classic Cinnamon Roll also packs a whooping 58 grams of sugar and 37 grams of fat, 17 of which (roughly 85% RDA) are saturated. 

I'm not saying there's anything wrong with eating a giant cinnamon roll, or that you should count calories. Indulgent foods are part of a healthy, normal eating-pattern.

But it can be interesting to see how much added sugar and saturated fats a chain-restaurants can pack into unassuming things like a Cinnabon. 

Below are 11 full fast and casual meals with fewer calories than an original Cinnabon—plus things like fiber, vitamins and minerals.

So have your Cinnabon and enjoy it when a craving strikes, just be sure to listen to your body and feed it nourishing foods when it's calling for them, too. 

1. A Chipotle burrito bowl (with both kinds of beans, fajita veggies, and salsa).

No matter what protein you select, this entire meal will clock in between 600-800 calories, still less than a Cinnabon. 

2. A Subway footlong Veggie Delite sub and chocolate chip cookie.

Still clocks in at about 100 calories less than a Cinnabon.

3. An Einstein's everything bagel with cream cheese, fruit cup, and bag of Kettle Chips.

Still 110 calories less than a Cinnabon. Also, bagels are yummy.

4. A "you-pick two" Panera grilled cheese sandwich, cup of creamy tomato soup, a slice of French baguette, and an apple.

In case you need to eat something real for lunch after Cinnabon for breakfast.

5. A cheeseburger and french fries from In-N-Out.

Yes, with the bun, too, for roughly the same caloric value. Not necessarily any healthier, just interesting to compare. 

6. A large Japanese pan noodles and tossed green side salad from Noodles & Company.

Carb love. Together 120 calories less than a Cinnabon OG.

7. Any 8-inch sub and bag of plain chips at Jimmy John's.

Jimmy jimmy jimmy jimmy rockin' everywhere. 

8. A Crunchwrap Supreme, Fresco Crunchy Taco, and side of refried beans from Taco Bell.

Live mas, MFers. 

9. An entire Art Lover's Pizza at Blaze Pizza.

Yup, all six slices

10. Hearty blueberry oatmeal, a spinach & cage-free egg white breakfast wrap, grande 2% latte, and fruit cup at Starbucks.

Sbux n chill. All for less cals than a Cinnabon.

11. A kale Casear salad and a red Thai salad at Sweetgreen.

Two salads for less calories than a Cinnabon. More fiber too.

At the end of the day, there's nothing wrong with a Cinnabon. Just don't eat one for every meal.