Long hours spent studying have the potential to get lonely without the some edible company. Snacking and studying go hand-in-hand, and great snacks for studying are those that can be rationed out to last for a long period of time, rather than those that disappear with a few bites.

It’s understandable, then, that finger foods are a popular study snack, as they are easy to eat while you are concentrating on another task. During late-night study sessions, a plate of fries, a bag of candy, or – if you’re feeling health conscious – a cup of grapes from Late Meal all come in handy as welcome study buddies that nourish your spirit as you finish that paper or write those last few lines of code. Moreover, the large volume of bite-sized pieces in these snacks will satisfy your hunger well into the night.

Beverages are just as compatible with studying, if not more. A decently sized drink will tend to last you a while, so that you can sip on your beverage of choice – coffee, tea, soda, milkshake – throughout your study session. Beverages require minimal manual effort, leaving your hands free to turn pages and write notes.

Most libraries on campus – with the exception of the Rare Books and Special Collections Library (found in Firestone), Mudd Manuscript Library, and Marquand Library – allow small snacks and beverages in spill-proof containers (no open cups, mugs, aluminum cans, or glass bottles). Keep this policy in mind as you select your culinary weapon of choice. A re-usable travel mug works wonders, and as an added bonus, saves you money: on-campus coffee vendors like Witherspoon’s offer a discount to patrons who bring a reusable mug instead of opting for a disposable coffee cup.

The idea of being stranded in a library with no edible prospects is never pleasant. Keeping this in mind, take note of the food sources closest to your study space of choice.

Firestone is the closest major library to Nassau Street, and thus has a wide array of options. Starbucks, Panera Bread and Small World Coffee are three nearby watering holes to keep you hydrated during your hours in the Firestone labyrinth. Both Panera Bread and Starbucks have free membership cards that allow you to earn free desserts and drinks–a great reward for regular library-dwellers! Chancellor’s Green Café, an on-campus alternative, offers coffee and tea, as well as potato chips and personal sized boxes of cereal. Bear in mind that the café is only open on weekdays: Monday to Thursday from 7:45am to 4:30pm, Friday from 7:45am to 4pm.

Lewis Library, unlike Firestone, does not offer the convenience of being near commercial eateries. The closest source of food is Frist. If you’re heading to Lewis for a long stretch of studying, you might want to swing through Frist and pick up a drink from Witherspoon’s. The café offers Small World Coffee and refreshing fruit smoothies for those who don’t particularly desire a high dosage of caffeine. The smoothies can be made with either yogurt or apple juice, the former giving the smoothie a richer, creamier texture. The C-Store, also found in Frist, carries a variety of snack options, including candy priced by weight, giving you the option of personalizing your own cavity-inducing concoctions. Furthermore, if you swing by at the right time, you could also grab a portable snack of your choice from the Frist Gallery during Late Meal before continuing on to Lewis.

Most of the smaller libraries, like the Architecture Library, Mendel Music Library, and East Asian Studies Library, are also in very close proximity to Frist, making it a popular common destination for hungry students. And if you’re not looking to spend extra money on snacks, keep an eye out for study breaks and students group promotions that may be offering free food in Frist.

Finally, though Marquand Library, home of the art and archaeology collections, does not allow visitors to bring in food or drink of any sort, hope for snacking is not lost. Marquand is conveniently located next to Murray-Dodge Café, home of free tea, hot chocolate and freshly baked cookies. If you find yourself working at Marquand and in desperate need of a study break, Murray-Dodge is ready and waiting to accommodate your needs. The Café is open in the afternoon from 3:30pm to 6pm and in the evening from 10pm to 12:30pm.

Cheers to more productive and delicious studying!