If you've ever watched Keeping Up with the Kardashians, then you know how much the dynamic family loves food. The Kardashian-Jenner family members seem to always be snacking on something, especially at Khloe's house where cookie-filled glass jars line her kitchen counter. What types of cookies does a Kardashian eat, you might ask? Milk's favorite cookie: Oreos.

If you've never watched the reality series or can never remember their names (they all start with K!), here's a list of what the Kardashians would be as Oreos, from oldest to youngest, to help you out.

The Double-Stuff: Kris

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William Wei
If any Kardashian were the double-stuff Oreo, it would be "momager" Kris. Her schedule is always full with her daughters' photoshoots, appearances, meetings, birthdays, you name it. She's always doing whatever her young daughters are doing, which isn't always a good thing. Just like this Oreo flavor, Kris can be just what you want in a mom, or she can be a little too much.

The Oreo Thin: Kourtney

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Megan Prendergast

It's no question that the oldest daughter, Kourtney, is nothing shy of a health fanatic. She can always be found buying organic groceries or making her infamous avocado pudding. She's always doing intense workouts, which she posts every morning on Snapchat. She's also one of the funniest sisters on the show with her blunt opinions about her family. Just like the Oreo thins, Kourtney is light, fun, and we never get sick of watching her and Scott Disick's arguments. 

The Original: Kim

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Megan Prendergast
We all know that Kim is the most well-known Kardashian. She's the one who made the family so famous, although not in the best way, but that's another story. Kim is always walking the streets in the latest fashion trends, but like this Oreo flavor, she always keeps it classic.

Peanut Butter Filled: Khloe

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Natalie Choy
Khloe, AKA Khlo-money, is definitely the fan favorite of the bunch. She's always trying to help her sisters with their problems, and let's face it, she's always right. She also gets along with all of her sisters and is never shy when it comes to showing her sisterly love. Just like the peanut butter Oreo, Khloe makes everything better when things get rough. 

Birthday Cake: Kendall

In honor of this sister's recent 21st birthday, Kendall would definitely be the birthday cake flavored Oreo. Kendall has always been the most down to earth member of the clan, even though she walks the runways of the world's top designers. She has always kept it classy though the years. Kendall doesn't always make appearances on the show, but when she does we love it, just like this Oreo.

Red Velvet: Kylie

The youngest sister, Kylie, has definitely paved her way as one of the most famous Kardashian-Jenners. She started out as the most innocent and low-key family member, but she outgrew that phase before our eyes. Both the red velvet Oreo and "King Kylie" started out simple. In fact, this Oreo used to be limited-edition but just like Kylie, it's earned its spot in the limelight.